University library for beginners

Welcome to the oldest university library in Germany and the largest academic universal library in Baden-Württemberg! As the central lending library, Heidelberg University Library is responsible for the comprehensive supply of literature and information for the entire university.

Registration and lending Service

Your Heidelberg University student ID card is also your library card. Once you have received it and activated it using the initial password, you can register for library use yourself. 

All other users will receive their library card at the circulation desk.

While the information centres and reading rooms of the University Library can be freely accessed by anyone, you will need a library card to borrow literature and make full use of the electronic services of the University Library, which you will receive at the circulation desk.

Search and find media

The holdings of the University Library and the institute libraries can be found in our library catalogues. All University Library holdings (books, journals, videos, electronic media...) from 1962 onwards are listed in the HEIDI library catalogue. Here you will find the location of each item and information on borrowing books.

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    Lehrbücher in der Zweigstelle Neuenheim
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    Studentin recherchiert nach Literatur
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    Buchausleihe in der UB Heidelberg Altstadt


In the textbook collections of the main library in the old town and the Neuenheim branch you will find much sought-after study literature in multiple copies freely accessible. The books can be borrowed immediately. You can search the titles in the textbook collection in our HEIDI catalogue, but also in the textbook collection directories.

Information centres / Information and advice

In the information centres of the University Library (Information Centre  main branch and Information Centre Neuenheim IZN) we are happy to advise you and provide information on all questions concerning library use and literature searches. You can contact the information centres in person, by telephone or by e-mail.

In the information centres we offer workstations where you can use the electronic services of the University Library (catalogues, databases, e-journals, e-books) as well as the internet.

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    Lesesaal der UB Heidelberg Altstadt
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    MMZ in der UB Heidelberg Altstadt
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    Informationstheke in der Zweigstelle im Neuenheimer Feld

Reading, learning and workstations (the University Library as a learning centre)

In addition to an extensive collection of basic literature in the humanities and social sciences, the main branch reading room offers around 1000 reading and workstations. The Neuenheim reading room offers basic literature from the natural sciences and medicine. You can use over 160 workstations there. In both areas there are also group study rooms and book inspection scanners for free scanning.

In the Multimedia Centre (1st floor in the old town) you will find numerous PC and free laptop workstations. Here you can use electronic and audiovisual media and create and edit your own electronic documents.

You can access the wireless LAN eduroam, which is accessible to members of Heidelberg University, with your laptop anywhere in the building.

Guided tours and training courses

The University Library offers an extensive programme of guided tours and training courses. For beginners, we recommend the introduction to using the main library in the old town or the Neuenheim branch. In addition, subject-specific basic and advanced courses and training courses on various reference management programmes are also offered.

Heidelberg University Library in 5 Minutes