Multimedia Centre (MMZ)

Modern workstations for learning and working are available on the first floor of the Old Town University Library. You can use the PCs set up there or work on your own laptop. It is also possible to digitise slides, microfiche, microfilms and records.

Opening hours

Mon-Fri: 8:30-10 pm 
Sat-Sun: 9 am-10 pm 

The period of use ends 10 minutes before the end of opening hours. All workstations, scanning and copying machines must be vacated 10 minutes before the Multimedia Centre closes.


Students and staff have access to multimedia workstations at the PCs set up in the Multimedia Centre (MMZ) (authentication via login).

You can work with common software such as MS Office, create student research projects and export the results to USB sticks or save them in the heiBOX, the university's file storage system. You can also use standard literature management programmes and Photoshop. Reservations for one of the PC, scanner or reader-printer workstations can be made for a maximum of three hours per day by entering your name on a list at the supervisor's desk.

We assume that you have basic knowledge of the PC and the respective application when using a programme. We therefore ask for your understanding that we cannot offer you any advice in connection with individual software applications. 

Whenever you use the IT facilities, please observe §20 of the user regulations for the use of IT workstations and §21 of the user regulations for the use of IT workstations. 

Laptop workstations

You can work with your own laptop at the MMZ, as there are plenty of power sockets and charging facilities available. You can access the internet via eduroam. Please note that access to the internet via eduroam is only possible for members of the university. 

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    Digitalisierung einer Schallplatte im MMZ
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    Studierende arbeiten im Multimediazentrum der UB Heidelberg Altstadt
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    Readerprinter im Multimediazentrum an der UB Heidelberg Altstadt


The following scanners are freely accessible to all users of the MMZ: 

  •  2 scanners for digitising microfiches and microfilms (digital reader printers) 
  • 1 A4 flatbed scanner uo to DIN A3
  • 1 slide scanner 
  • 1 Scan Snap incident light scanner 
  • 1 USB turntable for digitising vinyl records 

There are also book supervision scanners available in the reading rooms of the University Library Altstadt and Neuenheim.


In addition to other materials, Heidelberg University Library offers an extensive collection of microforms (fiche and film). These include newspapers as well as numerous picture archives and art historical literature. The microforms are also listed in the HEIDI library catalogue and can be searched there. 

 Two digital film scanners / reader-printers are available at the MMZ, with which you can digitise microfiche jackets, punch cards, 16/35 mm roll films as well as negative and positive colour films and save them in various formats on your own USB sticks. 

Microforms must be ordered directly on site at the MMZ or by telephone on 54-2573.  

  • Orders placed before 12 pm on Mondays to Fridays can be made available at the MMZ from 2.30 pm on the same day. 
  • Orders placed after 12 pm can generally only be placed on the next opening day from 10.30 am.  
  • If orders are placed after 12 pm on Fridays or at the weekend, these orders can be made available on Mondays from 10.30 am at the earliest. 

How to MMZ