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Open Access

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Open Access Publishing

The University Library supports open access as a publication model, coordinates the university's open access activities and offers publication platforms for e-books, e-journals, editions, research data, etc.

Detail: Walther von der Vogelweide, Codex Manesse, fol. 124r

Heidelberg Historical Literature – Digitised

Offers access to the digitised historical book collections of the UB as well as national and international cooperation projects.

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Publication Fund & More

Heidelberg University supports scientists and scholars in financing open access publication costs.

Specialised Information Services (FID): arthistoricum.net, Propylaeum, FID4SA

Specialised Information Services (FID)

Together with cooperation partners, the UB manages the following DFG-funded subject information services (FID).

Detail of a medieval manuscript

Heidelberg Digital Editions

In cooperation with various national and international partners, the University Library provides online editions of very different text corpora using digital edition techniques.