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Director: Dr. Jochen Apel
Deputy Director: Rike Balzuweit

Functions / Use

Heidelberg University Library is a public academic university library (maintained by the state of Baden-Württemberg) and the central library in the library system of Heidelberg University. Its task is to provide literature and information also for other universities in Heidelberg (Heidelberg University of Education, University of Jewish Studies) and for the inhabitants of the city and region. It participates in German and international interlibrary loans and is the lead library for other libraries in the area.

Free access to the reading areas is possible without formalities. Full authorisation to use all services is granted on presentation of a student or identity card.

Special areas of collection

  • Literature on the Electoral Palatinate and Baden

Within the framework of the Specialised Information Services (FID) of the German Research Foundation:

  • Egyptology
  • Classical Archaeology
  • Medieval and modern art history (until 1945)
  • South Asia