Use of the smartboards in the group study rooms

Smartboards in the Old Town University Library (LSA) and in the Neuenheim Branch (LSN)

You will find interactive whiteboards, so-called smartboards, in two group study rooms in the reading room of the Old Town University Library (LSA) and in a group study room and in the training room of the Neuenheim Branch (LSN). The Smartboards are intended to support you in particular with interactive learning and the joint development of documents or presentations and are available for free use. Accessories for using the smartboard (remote control for the projector, USB cable for the GoWire Meeting Pro software) can be obtained from the reading room counter in return for a deposit. In addition, two further group study rooms in the main library are equipped with smart screens, for the use of which you can obtain accessories for a deposit at the reading room counter.

Reservation of group study rooms with Smartboard/Smartscreen

To make sure that a smartboard/smartscreen is available to you on the desired date, please use our room reservation system at the Old Town Main Library or Neuenheim Branch to reserve a group study room with a smartboard/smartscreen. 

The smartboards are located in the following group study rooms of the Old Town Main Library: 

  • 2nd floor Triplex / o2.1 
  • 3rd floor Triplex / o3.1 

 The smartscreens are located in the two group study rooms of the Old Town Main Library: 

  • 3rd floor Triplex / w3.1 and w3.2 

In the Neuenheim Branch, there is a smartboard in group study room 017a (ground floor). The other smartboard in the branch is located in the training room. A reservation is only possible there if the room is not required for a training course on the relevant date. You can obtain the key for the room at the information desk. 


The smartboards and smartscreens can be used as a projector or as an interactive desktop. The basic version of the "SMART Notebook" software can also be used with the GoWire cable. You can obtain the GoWire cable or adapter from the reading room counter.