Service Card

Employees of Heidelberg University are issued a Service Card if they are assigned a UniID. 

Functionalities of the Service Card:

  • Use as an ID for the University Library and key for the electronic lockers on the ground floor of the Library (after activation!)
  • Use at the central printing, scanning and copy stations at University institutions (not for use on public copiers with a payment function)
  • Use as a timecard (in work areas with electronic time tracking)
  • Use as an access card (for institutions that use the University's electronic conditional access system)

New University employees can apply for a Service Card using a form. In case the Service Card is lost, a replacement card can also be ordered using this form. In case of the loss of your Service Card the University Library needs to be informed immediately in order to lock the library account if necessary.

If you have already applied for or received your Service Card without the ID card function for the University Library, you can request activation for borrowing from the library by sending an email to ausleihe@ub.uni-heidelberg.de

If you already have an old University Library card, you can initiate a changeover by clicking on the link "Online form to activate Uni ID Service Card".