Loan period, renewal and reservation

Loan period

The basic loan period of borrowable literature is 20 opening days for monographs and 10 opening days for periodicals. If the loan period is overdrawn, overdue charges are incurred.


A renewal is possible twice via HEIDI as long as no other user has requested the item. The loan period for each renewal is 20 working days for books and 10 working days for journals. Renewing borrowed items is only possible less than 5 working days before the current return date. The new return date is based upon the end of the original loan period. Using HEIDI, you may renew borrowed materials on an item-by-item basis, or you may renew all items in your account at the same time. In this case, the return dates of all the items are checked and, if possible, items are automatically renewed. 

Items for which reminders have already been issued for the first time can be renewed up to 10 opening days after the original return date (not the date of the reminder) provided they could still have been extended. The loan period will be extended by 2 or 4 weeks from the original return date, depending on the type of media. The fees already charged have to be paid.

Interlibrary book loans can, subject to reservation, be extended once in HEIDI. However, they can be reclaimed if they have been reserved or are reclaimed by the lending libraries. 

Items may be renewed twice. If you wish to keep an item longer, you must present it at the borrowing desk. Once it has been checked in you may check it out again, as long as it has not been reserved by another user. Interlibrary loans cannot be borrowed again.


If an item you would like to borrow has already been checked out by another user, you may request it via HEIDI.
As soon as the item has been returned you will be notified via email or regular mail and the item may be collected at the borrowing desk (charges for postage will be billed to your account). The item will be held for you for 5 opening days and will be given to you upon presentation of your library card. If you decide that you no longer need the item you have reserved you can cancel the reservation via HEIDI so that it does not have to be returned.