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Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

Help with the online catalogue HEIDI: Account functions / Personalised functions

Access to your HEIDI user account


Screenshot 'Log-on in HEIDI'

Logging-on to HEIDI via the “user account” option allows you to use personalised functions such as viewing your account, reserving items, ordering or marking items via “my list”.

Log-off: end a session in HEIDI

Screenshot 'Log-off from HEIDI'

It is in your own interest to end a session in HEIDI by using the “Exit” option. This will avoid the problem of other users using HEIDI with your account details, which could lead to charges against your account.

Forgotten your password?

For data protection reasons, passwords cannot be changed by e-mail or telephone.

Change password in HEIDI
  • Library users with Uni-ID (student identification card from Heidelberg University) can only get a new password from the staff at the Infoservice des Rechenzentrums. This is only possible to do in person. Please bring your student identity card and an identity document with a photograph, such as an ID card or a passport. Further information can be found on the pages of the Computer Centre. The information service is located in the Information Centre (IZA) of the UB, and URZ, Im Neuenheimer Feld 293, ground floor, room 015.
    If you just wish to change your password, you can do this in your HEIDI account using the option “change password”.
  • Library users with a library card of the UB Heidelberg can get a password in the Circulation department.
    This is only possible to do in person. Please bring with you photo-ID, such as your ID card or passport. If you just wish to change your password, you can do this in your HEIDI account using the option “change password“.

Adding or changing an e-mail address

The e-mail address that was entered during registration for the UB can be changed. This e-mail address will be used by the UB to send you notices, e.g. about the collection of interlibrary loans or reserved books.

Renewing borrowed items

As long as items have not been requested by another user, they can be renewed twice in HEIDI. The earliest opportunity to renew an item is 5 working days before the due date. The new due date is calculated by renewing from the end of the original loan period.

Items can either be renewed individually, or all borrowed items can be renewed at once.

Before a renewal of multiple items can be completed, the system will check all items to see whether a renewal is possible.

  • Books: renewal for 20 working days
  • Journals: renewal for 10 working days
  • Inter-library loan: in principle, items can be renewed twice. An item can be recalled earlier if the lending library has had another request for the item, or if they recall the item.


Please pay any charges that may be incurred as soon as possible in the Circulation Department. If you exceed the charge limit, your account will automatically be blocked.


Using MyUB-Kalender imports due dates, dates of training courses and other dates automatically into your personal calendar programme.


MyUB-Info is a personalised service that regularly informs you of new acquisitions in the libraries of the University system. This function will be displayed in your account when you have created a profile in MyUB-Info.

My list

Titles shown and marked in either the brief or complete displays can be printed or sent via e-mail by using the “my list” option. Hits can be permanently stored if you log-in to your account and assign the hits to a list of your choice.

Personal notices

A notice can be added to any item that will be seen only by you.

RSS-Feed for searches

Any search request can become a subscription to an altering service via an RSS-Feed.

Further information about RSS

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