Reading terrace

The roof terrace in the triplex reading room is a reading terrace with a quiet zone. The reading terrace in front of the 4th floor of the triplex reading room is open until nightfall. As the reading terrace is an outdoor study area, the same regulations apply in principle as in the reading room. In detail, the rules for using the reading terrace are as follows: 

  • The reading terrace is open until nightfall. 
  • There is a general smoking ban. 
  • Chairs may not be taken onto the  reading terrace. 
  • Phone calls and the consumption of food are prohibited. 
  • Please observe the quiet regulations and show consideration for employees in the neighbouring offices! 
  • We reserve the right to close the reading terrace if we discover any violations of the terms of use.
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    Leseterrasse im Sommer
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    Auf der Leseterrasse der UB Heidelberg Altstadt
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    Lesterrasse im Winter