Equipment lending

iPad loan

14 iPads are available for loan to members of Heidelberg University (students, lecturers, etc.) in the Main Library in the Old Town. These can be borrowed from the information desk in the reading room for 10 working days (see terms and conditions). A selection of academic apps is installed on the iPads. Additional apps can be installed using an Apple ID. 

 The branch library iPads can be borrowed from the Information Centre for a period of 10 working days. Apps specifically for medical studies are pre-installed on the iPads.

Laptop lending

There are 10 laptops available for university users to borrow in the reading room in the Main Library in the Old Town and in the Neuenheim Branch. These can be borrowed for 10 working days. The laptops are equipped with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint ...), Adobe Reader, reference management programmes (Citavi, Endnote) and more. 

WLAN use is possible for members of the university with Uni-ID or Urz-ID; print jobs can be transferred to the central print server via the web portal. Please note the special implementation regulations in the appendix to the library system's user regulations apply.

Electricity meter

Two electricity meters can be borrowed from the University Library for one week. The devices are available in the Altstadt reading room and the Neuenheim Information Centre.  The energy-saving packages are provided to the University Library by the Federal Environment Agency in co-operation with the No-Energy-Stiftung für Klimaschutz und Ressourceneffizienz  (No-Energy Foundation for Climate Protection and Resource Efficiency). 

Contents of the package: 

  •  Electricity meter in separate box 
  •  Extension cable with switch 
  • Operating instructions 
  • 2 brochures with energy-saving tips