19.01.20242024: Research Data Unit replaces the Competence Center for Research Data

As part of the expansion of university research data management, which was largely supported by the FoSKom Planning Group on Research Data Management, the Research Data Unit (RDU) will replace the previous Competence Center for Research Data (KFD), which has existed since 2014. 

The RDU continues to be a joint service unit of the URZ and UB. The aim of the RDU is to offer researchers at the university the best possible support for professional and sustainable research data management in accordance with the University's Research Data Policy. The Research Data Unit is accompanied and supported in the fulfillment of its tasks by a Steering Board under scientific leadership, as well as the Committee for Sensitive Research Data. The Steering Board steers the activities of the Research Data Unit from a strategic perspective and is made up of one member from each of the Fields of Focus 1-4 (FoF) as well as the two heads of the University Library and the University Computer Center. The Committee for Sensitive Research Data supports the operational activities of the Research Data Unit with regard to the handling of sensitive data and associated data protection issues. 

As in the past, the Research Data Unit will continue to operate and develop local services and infrastructures for the management, publication and long-term archiving of research data, offer consultation and training and act as a gateway to regional, national (e.g. NFDI) and international RD infrastructures.