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Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg
Introduction on how to use the table

Request for Anatomage introduction

Information Centre
Neuenheim (IZN)

Email: Brief Informationszentrum Neuenheim der UB Heidelberg

Telephone: +49 6221 54 4272

Reservation for Anatomage-Table
Offers by branch library Neuenheim

Anatomage Table Virtual Dissection

The virtual dissection table enables students to train on lifesize virtual anatomic models in 3D. Through several layers and cut/profiles it is possible to visualise bones, tissue, organs etc. The models displayed on the table are generated from CT data. The surface is anatomically structured. Additionally further data generated from CT, MRT or ultrasound can be uploaded.

Potential users?

The anatomage table is on offer for medical students especially during exam preparation periods. It can be used by a single person as well as a group. We also train tutor guided groups belonging to the Institut für Anatomie und Zellbiologie. The table can also be used in further medical education, e.g. during internships or for vocational training in nursing etc.

Requirement for use: Introduction

Requirement for the use of the anatomage table is the successful participation in the introduction on how to use the table. Introductions are offered on request (also on short notice). Please contact us:

The anatomage table is situated in the information centre. Please contact the information desk.


Please make your reservation using our online booking system.

Cooperation with the Institute for Anatomy and Cell Biology

The university library and the Institute for Anatomy and Cell Biology are working in close cooperation as regards the use of the table. The complimentary virtual anatomy teaching model is designed to give students the opportunity to prepare for and follow up on their lectures and courses. Data which has been generated and anonymised at the institute is uploaded on to the table. This makes it possible to work on scenarios as introduced in class additionally to the standard models provided on the table.

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