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Dr. Jochen Apel
Heidelberg University Library
Postfach 105749
69117 Heidelberg
Tel: +49 (0) 6221-54-4249

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Dr. Georg Schwesinger
Heidelberg University Library
Postfach 105749
69117 Heidelberg
Tel: +49 (0)6221 54-4267

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Open Access Publishing Fund


Heidelberg University supports researchers who are willing to publish articles in open access journals with a publishing fund to cover article processing charges.

Prerequisites for funding

  • You are a researcher at Heidelberg University (according to LHG §9 section 1) as well as the submitting or corresponding author of the article, who is responsible for the payment of the publication fee.
  • The article is published in a purely open access journal, which means that all articles of the journal are freely available immediately after publication. However open access options in otherwise subscription-based journals (so-called hybrid or open choice journals) cannot be funded.
  • The selected journal offers a suitable mechanism of quality assurance for its published articles accepted in the respective scientific community (i.e. typically peer review).
  • The publication fee per article does not exceed 2,000 € including taxes (i.e. 1,680 € net cost). Partial funding (e.g. funding just of the net amount) if the fee is higher than 2,000 € is not possible.
  • Every funded publication should contain a reference to the financial support provided by the fund. (Example: „We acknowledge financial support by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft within the funding programme Open Access Publishing, by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts and by Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg.“)
  • For the Medical Faculties Heidelberg and Mannheim: Your institute has to cover a financial contribution of 50% of the overall publication fee. Your department will be charged by the university library for this amount.
  • The Publishing Fund is intended for publications for which funds have not yet been made available or raised elsewhere. Authors therefore confirm when applying for funding that no third-party funds are available to cover the publication fee.

How to receive funding?

You can request funding as soon as you receive the publisher’s invoice. Please note the modified procedures for journals from BioMed Central, Frontiers and Wiley.

Required information on submitted invoices

  • Addressee of the invoice: submitting/corresponding author under his/her institutional address at Heidelberg University
  • Invoicing party (i.e. the publisher)
  • Explicit invoice item (i.e. the article)
  • Journal title
  • Invoice date
  • Invoice or order number
  • Invoices from foreign countries (other EU-countries and third party countries): net invoice stating the VAT number of Heidelberg University as well as the VAT number of the publisher. The universities’ VAT number is DE 811225433.

If your request meets the above mentioned formal prerequisites we will transfer the amount indicated in the invoice to the publisher to the extent that funding resources are available. Invoices will be processed in the order in which they were received until the fund is exhausted.

Due to the financial limitations of the fund we cannot guarantee costs will be covered by the fund. If necessary you can send an informal inquiry to the above mentioned e-mail-address to receive information about the available resources. This will allow you to estimate your chances on receiving funding.

Articles supported by the publishing fund will be catalogued in heiBIB, the main index of publications from Heidelberg University.

If the fund covers your publication fee, we also kindly request a short e-mail notification after your article has been published.

Institutional Membership

BioMed Central

Heidelberg University has established an institutional membership with BioMed Central, one of the world’s leading open access publishers.

You benefit from this membership if you publish in journals of

If you are planning to publish in a journal of one of these publishers, please apply for funding before submitting your paper. We will provide a specific institutional code to you to be included with your submission. If your paper is accepted for publication the publishing fund will automatically pay the publication fee. Please keep in mind that the number of available institutional codes is limited.


For publications in open access journals from BMJ such as "BMJ Open" a discount of 20% on the article processing charge is granted to authors from Heidelberg University. Authors will receive a corresponding discount code directly from the publisher upon acceptance of the article. If you haven't received a discount code after acceptance, please contact the journal's editorial office for more information.

Further information can be found in this description of the publisher.

Furthermore, you can also make a regular application for further funding of the publication fee to the publishing fund after your article has been accepted.


Publication fees for manuscripts submitted to Frontiers journals can be supported by the publishing fund according to the funds regular funding conditions. Necessary prerequisite for this financial support is an approved funding application, which you can submit via our web form.

Please send your funding application before submitting your paper or at the latest at the time of submission. If there is no granted funding application we will cancel the article from the university’s membership account and the author will receive an individual bill from Frontiers.

Only for articles, which are processed via the publishing fund, Frontiers grants a discount so that the article processing charge will not exceed 1680 € excl. value-added tax. For already lower article processing charges there will be discount of 5%.


Due to a membership with the open access publisher MDPI authors of Heidelberg University receive a discount of 10% on the article processing charge, if the membership is selected in MDPI’s submission system.

Furthermore, you can also make a regular application for further funding of the publication fee to the publishing fund after your article has been accepted.


During 2019, the University of Heidelberg joined the nationwide contract with Wiley negotiated by the DEAL consortium. As a member of the University of Heidelberg, you now have access to the entire range of electronic journals published by Wiley. In addition, you can now publish your research articles in Open Access.
Further detailed information on the publications at Wiley, in particular the payment modalities, can be found here.

The term of the agreement with Wiley is initially 3 years and ends on 31.12.2021.

Discounts on open access publications

Authors of the University can obtain discounts on open access publications from various publishers, irrespective of whether they are supported by the Publishing Fund or not. Further information can be found on our overview page on open access discounts (website in German).

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