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Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

14    Fakultät für Biologie

Almers, Wolfhard    [em.Prof.]

A   Ethanefreezing/ methanol-fixation of cell monolayers : a procedure for improved preservation of structure and antigenicityfor light and electron microscopy / E.M. Neuhaus u.a.
In: J. Struct. Biol. - 121 (1998), S. 326-342

Bautz, Ekkehard K.F.    [Prof.]

A   A minimal binding domain of the low density lipoprotein receptor family / T.M. Bajari u.a.
In: Biol.Chem. - 379 (1998), S. 1053-1062

Behnke, Heinz-Dietmar    [Prof.]

A   Proliferating sieve elements present in bud phloem anastomoses connect sieve tubes of axillary bud traces to stelar vascular bundles in the aquatic monocotyledon Potamogeton natans L. (Potamogetonaceae)
In: Protoplasma. - 201 (1998), S. 17-29

Beiderbeck, Rolf    [Prof.]

A   Kolonisierung von Sommerwirten durch Pemphigus bursarius L. : (Hemiptera:Pemphigidae): Insektenstadium und Wirtsbereich / M. Köhler mit R. Beiderbeck
In: Cecidology Reports. - 1 (1998), S. 1-4

Bopp, Martin    [em.Prof.]

A   Speisen und Gewürze in Heidelberger Küchen vom 14. bis zum 17. Jahrhundert / M. Bopp mit K. Zenner
In: Heidelberger Jahrbuecher. - 42 (1998), S. 165-190

Brandt, Roland    [Priv.Doz.]

A   Cytoskeletal mechanisms of axon outgrowth and pathfinding
In: Cell Tiss.Res. - 292 (1998), S. 181-189

A   Differential interactions of MAP2, tau, and MAP5 during axogenesis in culture / S.L. Kwei u.a.
In: Neuroreport. - 9 (1998), S. 1035-1040

A   The tau proteins in Alzheimer's disease / R. Brandt mit J. Eidenmüller
In: The molecular biology of Alzheimer's disease: genes & mechanisms involved in amyloid generation / Christian Haass. - Amsterdam. - ISBN 90-5702-381-4. - S. 17-43

Braunbeck, Thomas    [Priv.Doz.]

A   Cellular response profile to chemical stress / H. Segner mit T. Braunbeck
In: Ecotoxicology / ed. by Gerrit Schueuermann ; Bernd Markert. - New York [u.a.], 1997. - (Environmental science and technology). - ISBN 0-471-17644-3. - S. 521-569

A   Cytological alterations in fish hepatocytes following in vivo and in vitro sublethal exposure to xenobiotics - structural biomarkers of environmental contamination
In: Fish ecotoxicology / ed. by T. Braunbeck ... - Basel [u.a.], 1998. - (EXS ; 86). - ISBN 3-7643-5819-X. - S. 61-140

A   Light and scanning electron microscopic cytopathology of 3,5-dichlorophenol in the permanent fish cell line RTG-2 / Bieberstein mit T. Braunbeck
In: Ecotox.Environ.Safety. - 41 (1998), S. 298-306

A   Viability and differential function of rainbow trout hepatocytes in primary culture: the influence of culture conditions / S. Scholz u.a.
In: In Vitro Cell.Dev.Biol. - 34 (1998), S. 762-771

A   Wie giftig sind Schadstoffe und Sedimente des Neckars? : zur Eignung von Biotests und Bioassay-dirigierten Fraktionierungstechniken für die Bewertung des Schadstoffpotentials in hydrologischen Fallstudien / Hollert u.a.
In: HGG-Journal. - 13 (1998), S. 130-145

H   Fish ecotoxicology / ed. by T. Braunbeck ... - Basel ; Boston ; Berlin : Birkhäuser, 1998. - X, 396 S. ; 24 cm. - (EXS ; 86)
ISBN 3-7643-5819-X - ISBN 0-8176-5819-X


Dübel, Stefan    [Priv.Doz.]

V   Rekombinante Antikörper / Frank Breitling und Stefan Dübel. - Heidelberg ; Berlin : Spektrum, Akad. Verl., 1997. - 236 S. ; 23 cm. - (Labor im Fokus)
ISBN 3-8274-0029-5

A   The antigen-binding domain of a human IgG-anti-F(ab')2 autoantibody / M. Welschof u.a.
In: Proc.Natl.Acad.Sci.(USA). - 94 (1997), S. 1902-1907

A   Cloning and cytotoxity of a human pancreatic RNase immunofusion / M. Zewe u.a.
In: Immunotechnology. - 3 (1997), S. 127-136

A   Cloning and expression of single chain fragments (scFv) from mouse and rat hybridomas / F. Breitling mit S. Dübel
In: Molecular diagnosis of infectious diseases. - Totowa, N.J., 1997. - (Methods in molecular medicine series). - ISBN 0-89603-485-2

A   Epitopes fused to Pilin are incorporated into functional, fully recobinant F-Pili / S. Rondot u.a.
In: J.Mol.Biol. - 279 (1998), S. 589-603

A   Primary structure and functional expression of heavy- and light- chain variable region genes of a monoclonal antibody specific for human fibrin / Z. Song u.a.
In: Hybridoma. - 16 (1997), S. 235-241

A   Primary structure and functional scFv antibody expression of an antibody against the human protooncogen c-myc / P. Fuchs u.a.
In: Hybridoma. - 16 (1997), S. 227-233

A   Recent developments in antibody engineering / M. Little u.a.
In: Molecular diagnosis of infectious diseases. - Totowa, N.J., 1997. - (Methods in molecular medicine series). - ISBN 0-89603-485-2

A   A TNF receptor antagonistic scFv, which is refractory to secretion in mammalian cells, is expressed as a soluble mono- and bivalent scFv derivative in insect cells using cassette baculovirus vectors / B. Brocks u.a.
In: Immunotechnology. - 3 (1997), S. 173-184

Erbar, Claudia    [Priv.Doz.]

A   Colonization of host plants by the fire blight pathogen Erwinia amylovora marked with genes for bioluminescence and fluorescence / J. Bogs u.a.
In: Phytopathology. - 88 (1998), S. 416-421

Essigmann-Capesius, Ingrid    [Prof.]

A   An evaluation of rDNA variation in lolium species (ryegrass) / K.M.F. Warpeha u.a.
In: Genome. - 41 (1998), S. 307-311

A   A molecular approach to bryophyte systematics / M. Bopp mit I. Capesius. - 1998. - S. 79-88

Faissner, Andreas    [Priv.Doz.]

A   Characteristic hexasaccharide sequences in octasaccharides derived from shark cartialge chondroitin sulfate D with a neurite outgrowth promoting activity / S. Nadanaka u.a.
In: J.Biol.Chem. - 273 (1998), S. 3296-3307

A   Differential interactions of MAP2, tau, and MAP5 during axogenesis in culture / S.L. Kwei u.a.
In: Neuroreport. - 9 (1998), S. 1035-1040

A   The DSD-1 carbohydrate epitope depends on sulfation, correlates with chondroitin sulfate D motifs, and is sufficiant to promote neurite outgrowth / A.M. Clement u.a.
In: J.Biol.Chem. - 273 (1998), S. 28444-28453

A   Expression of DSD-1-PG in primary neutral and glial-derived cell line cultures, upregulation by TGFbeta, and implications for cell-substrate interactions of the glial cell line Oli-neu / O. Schnädelbach u.a.
In: Glia. - 23 (1998), S. 99-119

A   Mucosal tenascin C content in inflammatory and neoplastic diseases of the large bowel / S. Riedl u.a.
In: Dis. Colon Rectum. - 41 (1998), S. 86-92

Gehring, Ulrich    [Prof.]

A   The chaperone cofactor Hop/p60 interacts with the cytosolic chaperonin-containing TCP-1 and affects its nucleotide exchange and protein folding activities / M. Gebauer u.a.
In: J.Biol.Chem. - 273 (1998), S. 29475-29480

A   Cloning of 5'cDNA regions by inverse PCR / M. Zeiner mit U. Gehring
In: The PCR technique: RT-PCR / ed. by Paul Siebert. - Natick, Mass., 1998. - (Update series). - ISBN 1-881299-13-9. - S. 249-253

A   Interference between proteins Hap46 and Hop/p60, which bind to different domains of the molecular chaperone hsp70/hsc70 / M. Gebauer u.a.
In: Mol.Cell.Biol. - 18 (1998), S. 6238-6244

A   RAP46 is a negative regulator of glucocorticoid receptor action and hormone-induced apoptosis / M. Kullmann u.a.
In: J.Biol.Chem. - 273 (1998), S. 14620-14625

A   Steroid hormone receptors and heat shock proteins
In: Vitamins and hormones. - 54 (1998), S. 167-205

Gerdes, Hans-Hermann    [Priv.Doz.]

A   A putative hetrotrimeric G protein inhibits the fusion of COPI-coated vesicles / J.B. Helms u.a.
In: J.Biol.Chem. - 273 (1998), S. 15203-15208

Herrmann, Richard    [Prof.]

A   Current opinion in microbiology
In: J.Biol.Chem. - 273 (1998), S. 24792-24796

A   Mycoplasma pneumoniae and Mycoplasma genitalium : a comparison ot two closely related bacterial species / R. Hermann mit B. Reiner
In: J.Biol.Chem. - 273 (1998), S.572-579

A   The subunit b of the F(0)F(1)-type ATPase of the bacterium Mycoplasma pneumoniae Is a lipoprotein / G. Pyrowolakis u.a.
In: J.Biol.Chem. - 273 (1998), S. 24792-24796

Huttner, Wieland B.    [Prof.]

A   Biogenesis of synaptic-like microvesicles in perforated PC12 cells / A. Schmidt mit W.B. Huttner
In: Methods. - 16 (1998), S. 160-169

A   Chromogranin B (secretogranin I), a neuroendocrine-regulated secretory protein, is sorted to exocrine secretory granules in transgenic mice / S. Natori u.a.
In: EMBO J. - 17 (1998), S. 3277-3289

A   Differential extraction of proteins from paraformaldehyde-fixed cells: Lessons from synaptophysin and other membrane proteins / M. Hannah u.a.
In: Methods. - 16 (1998), S. 170-181

A   The disulfide-bonded loop of chromogranins, which is essential for sorting to secretory granules, mediates homodimerization / C. Thiele mit W. Huttner
In: J.Biol.Chem. - 273 (1998), S. 1223-1231

A   Existence of distinct tyrosylprotein sulfotransferase genes: Molecular characterization of tyrosylprotein sulfotransferase-2 / R. Beisswanger u.a.
In: Proc.Natl.Acad.Sci.(USA). - 95 (1998), S. 11134-11139

A   Protein and lipid sorting from the trans-Golgi network to secretory granules - recent developments / C. Thiele mit W. Huttner
In: Seminars Cell Development.Biol. - 9 (1998), S. 511-516

Knappe, Joachim    [em.Prof.]

A   Reconstitution and characterization of the polynuclear iron-sulfur cluster in pyruvate-formate-lyase-activating enzyme : molecular properties of the holoenzyme form / R. Külzer u.a.
In: J.Biol.Chem. - 273 (1998), S. 4897-4903

Leitz, Thomas    [Priv.Doz.]

A   Immunohistochemical studies of GLWamides in Cnidaria / J. Schmich u.a.
In: Cell Tiss.Res. - 294 (1998), S. 169-177

A   Induction of metamorphosis of the marine hydrozoan Hydractinia echinata
In: Biofouling. - 12 (1998), S. 173-187

A   Metamorphosin A and related peptides : a novel family of neuropeptides with morphogenic activity
In: Ann.N.Y.Acad.Sci. - 839 (1998), S. 105-110

A   The role of GLWamides in metamorphosis of Hydractinia echinata / J. Schmich u.a.
In: Dev.Genes Evol. - 208 (1998), S. 267-273

Müller, Werner A.    [Prof.]

V   Tier- und Humanphysiologie : ein einführendes Lehrbuch / Werner A. Mueller. - Berlin [u.a.] : Springer, 1998. - XLIV, 525 S. - (Springer-Lehrbuch)
Literaturverz. S. 499 - 507
ISBN 3-540-63313-8

A   Hormonal factors from the mammalian pineal gland interfere with cell development in Hydra
In: Int.J.Dev.Biol. - 42 (1998), S. 821-824

A   Low molecular weight hormonal factors that affect head formation in Hydra / W.A. Müller u.a.
In: Int.J.Dev.Biol. - 42 (1998), S. 825-828

Philipson, Lennart    [em.Prof.]

A   Cell cycle exit: Growth arrest apoptosis and tumor suppression revisited
In: Mol.Med. - 4 (1998), S. 205-213

Querner, Hans    [em.Prof.]

A   Die Methodenfrage in der Biologie des 19. Jahrhunderts : Beobachtung oder Experiment?
In: Geschichte der Biologie / hrsg. von Ilse Jahn unter Mitw. von Erika Krausse ... Bearb. von 21 Fachwissenschaftlern. - 3., neubearb. und erw. Aufl. - Jena [u.a.], 1998. - ISBN 3-437-35010-2. - S. 420-430

H   Geschichte der Biologie : Theorien, Methoden, Institutionen, Kurzbiographien / hrsg. von Ilse Jahn unter Mitw. von Erika Krausse ... Bearb. von 21 Fachwissenschaftlern. - 3., neubearb. und erw. Aufl. - Jena [u.a.] : G. Fischer, 1998. - 1088 S.
ISBN 3-437-35010-2

Rausch, Thomas    [Prof.]

A   cDNA cloning and expression analysis of genes encoding GSH synthesisin roots of the heavy accumulator Brassica juncea L : evidence for Cd-induction of a putative mitochondrial gamma-glutamylcysteine synthease isoform / H.J. Schäfer u.a.
In: Plant Molec.Biol. - 37 (1998), S. 87-97

A   Cloning of a tobacco apoplasmic invertase inhibitor : proof of function of the recombinant protein and expression analysis during plant development / S. Greiner u.a.
In: Plant Physiol. - 116 (1998), S. 733-742

A   In transformed tobacco cells the apoplasmic invertase inhibitor operates as a regulatory switch of cell wall invertase / S. Krausgrill u.a.
In: Plant J. - 13 (1998), S. 275-280

Schairer, Hans Ulrich    [Prof.]

A   Glucocorticoids regulate the expression of the human osteoblastic endothelin A receptor gene / I. Börcsök u.a.
In: J.Exp.Med. - 188 (1998), S. 1563-1573

Schaller, Heinz    [Prof.]

A   Avian hepatitis B virus infection is initiated by the interaction of a distinct pre-S subdomain with the cellular receptor gp180 / S. Urban u.a.
In: J.Virol. - 72 (1998), S. 8089-8097

A   Carboxypeptidase D (gp180), a Golgi-resident protein, functions in the attachment and entry of avian hepatitis B viruses / K.M. Breiner u.a.
In: J.Virol. - 72 (1998), S. 8098-8104

A   Glucagon treatment interferes with an early step of duck hepatitis B virus infection / M. Hild u.a.
In: J.Virol. - 72 (1998), S. 2600-2606

A   Host cell-virus cross talk : phosphorylation of a hepatitis B virus envelope protein mediates intracellular signaling / K. Rothmann u.a.
In: J.Virol. - 72 (1998), S. 10138-10147

Schneider, Peter    [Prof.]

A   Aus dem Leben einheimischer Spinnen. Die Jagdspinne (Pisaura mirabilis)
In: Verh.Dtsch.Zool.Ges. - 91 (1998), HWF 14.3.

A   Flugverhalten und Stoffwechsel des Südafrikanischen Fruchtkäfers Pachnoda sinuata
In: Verh.Westdt.Entom.Tag. - 1997 (1998), S. 53-56

A   Procline powers pre-flight warm-up in the African fruit beetle Pachnoda sinuata (Cetoniinae) / L. Auerswald u.a.
In: J.Exp.Biol. - 201 (1998), S. 1651-1657

A   Utilisation of substrates during tethered flight with and without lift generation in the African fruit beetle Pachnoda sinuata / L. Auerswald u.a.
In: J.Exp.Biol. - 201 (1998), S. 2333-2342

Schnepf, Eberhard    [em.Prof.]

A   Algae, environment and human affairs
In: Jb.Akad.Wiss.Göttingen. - 1996 (1998), S. 177-179

A   Gyrodinium undulans Hulburt, a marine dinoflagellate feeding on the bloom-forming diatom Odontella aurita, and on copepod and rotifer cells / G. Drebes mit E. Schnepf
In: Helgoländer Meeresunters. - 52 (1998), S. 1-14

A   Jäger - Hirten - Chimären : Über die Zellevolution
In: Heidelberg.Jb. - 42 (1998), S. 119-141

A   Parasites of harmful algae / M. Elbrächter mit E. Schnepf
In: Physiological ecology of harmful algal blooms / ed. by Donald M. Anderson ... - Berlin [u.a.], 1998. - (NATO: NATO ASI series / G ; Vol. 41). - ISBN 3-540-64117-3. - S. 351-369

A   Taxonomy and cell wall ultrastructure of Scenedesmus lunatus (Chlorophyceae, Chlorococcales) / E. Hegewald u.a.
In: Algol.Studies. - 91 (1998), S. 11-25

Sekeris, Constantin E.    [em.Prof.]

A   Detection of estrogen receptor variants in endometrium, myometrium, leiomyoma and peripheral blood mononuclear cells : comparison to variants present in breast cancer / P. Moutsatsou u.a.
In: J.Canc.Res.Clin.Onc. - 124 (1998), S. 478-484

Senghas, Karlheinz    [Akad.Dir.]

V   Die Orchideen : Subtribus Oncidiinae ; Verwandtschaft Oncidium, Odontoglossum, Miltonia, Cyrtochilum, Brassia u.a. ; aus: Rudolf Schlechter, Die Orchideen, Band I/C / Karlheinz Senghas. - 3., voellig neu bearb. Aufl. - Berlin : Parey, 1998. - S. 2057 - 2308 ; 27 cm
ISBN 3-8263-3182-6

A   Eine bekannte, dekorative Orchideengruppe - Miltonien
In: Fleures et plantes. - 1998,11 (1998), S. 11-14

A   Blütenschönheiten bei den Fächerorchideen - Die Gattung Bollea
In: J.Orchideenfreund. - 5 (1998), S. 247-253

A   Epidendrum ilense, ein Beispiel für wirklichen Artenschutz
In: J.Orchideenfreund. - 5 (1998), S. 176-178

A   Il genere Neokoehleria: tre nuove specie provenienti da collezione amatoriali / K. Senghas mit M. Thiv
In: Caesiana. - 10 (1998), S. 23-30

A   Neue Orchideengattungen
In: J.Orchideenfreund. - 5 (1998), S. 230

A   Oncidium - ein Verwirrspiel in mehreren Akten

A   Pfitzeria, eine weitere neue, in einer Liebhabersammlung entdeckte Orchideengattung
In: J.Orchideenfreund. - 5 (1998), S. 29-31

A   Schede di coltivazione / K. Senghas mit L. Bockemühl
In: Caesiana. - 10 (1998), 6 Beil. zu 10 u. 11

A   Vielfalt tropischer und subtropischer Orchideenstandorte in Madagaskar
In: J.Orchideenfreund. - 5 (1998). - III: S. 79-81

Stitt, Mark    [Prof.]

A   Biochemical principles underlying genetic manipulation of physiological bottlenecks
In: Physiologische 'bottle-necks' / Gesellschaft fuer Pflanzenzuechtung e.V. - Bonn, 1998. - (Vorträge für Pflanzenzüchtung ; H. 41). - S. 5-20

A   Control of glucose and cytokinin signalling by PRL1, a nuclear WD protein in Arabidopsis / K. Nemeth u.a.
In: Genes & Develop. - 12 (1998), S. 3059-3073

A   Effects of 2-deoxyglucose on the expression of RBCS and the metabolism of Chenopodium rubrum cell suspension cultures / D. Klein mit M. Stitt
In: Planta. - 205 (1998), S. 223-235

A   Enhanced carbon dioxide leads to a modified diurnal rhythm of nitrate reductase activity in older plants, and a large stimulation of nitrate reductase activity and higher levels of amino acids in higher plants / M. Geiger u.a.
In: Plant Cell Environ. - 21 (1998), S. 253-268

A   Expression studies of Nrt: 1Np, a putative high affinity nitrate transporter : evidence for its role in nitrate uptake / A. Krapp u.a.
In: Plant J. - 13 (1998), S. 723-732

A   Growth of tobacco in short day conditions leads to high starch, low sugars, altered diurnal changes of the Nia transcript and low nitrate reductase activity, and an inhibition of amino acid synthesis / P. Matt u.a.
In: Planta. - 207 (1998), S. 27-41

A   High-temperature perturbation of starch synthesis in growing potato tubers is due to inhibition of ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase by decreased glycerate-3-phosphate as a result of high rates of respiration / P. Geigenberger u.a.
In: Plant Physiol. - 117 (1998), S. 1307-1316

A   Metabolism in slices from growing tubers reacts differently to addition of sucrose and glucose / M. Geiger u.a.
In: Planta. - 206 (1998), S. 234-244

A   A moderate decrease of plastid aldolase activity inhibits photosynthesis, alters the levels of sugars and starch, and inhibits growth of potato plants / V. Haake u.a.
In: Plant J. - 142 (1998), S. 147-157

A   Overexpression of pyrophosphatase leads to increased sucrose degradation and starch synthesis, increased activities of enzymes for sucrose-starch conversions, and increased levels of nucleotides in growing potato tubers / P. Geigenberger u.a.

A   Plant metabolism : where are all those pathways leading us? / J.N. Siedow mit M. Stitt
In: Curr.Opinion Plant Biol. - 1 (1998), S. 197-200

A   Pyrophosphatase as an alternative energy donor in the cytosol of plant cells : an enigmatic alternative to ATP
In: Bot.Acta. - 111 (1998), S. 167-175

A   Quantitative analysis of the local growth rates of leaves at a high temporal and spatial resolution using image sequence analysis / D. Schmundt u.a.
In: Plant J. - 16 (1998), S. 505-514

A   The role of transient starch in acclimation to elevated atmospheric CO(2) / F. Ludewig u.a.
In: FEBS Letters. - 429 (1998), S. 147-151

A   Similar temperature requirement for sugar accumulation and for the induction of new forms of sucrose phosphate synthase and amylase in cold-stored potato tubers / U. Deiting u.a.
In: Plant Cell Environ. - 21 (1998), S. 127-138

A   Sucrose feeding leads to increased rates of nitrate assimilation, increased rates of alpha-oxoglutarate synthesis, and increased synthesis of a wide spectrum of amino acids in tobacco leaves / R. Morcuende u.a.
In: Planta. - 206 (1998), S. 394-409

A   Sucrose metabolism in cold-stored tubers with decreased expression of sucrose-phosphate synthase / K.-P. Krause u.a.
In: Plant Cell Environ. - 21 (1998), S. 285-299

A   The sugar-mediated regulation of genes encoding the small subunit of Rubisco and the regulatory subunit of ADP glucose pyrophosphorylase is modified by nitrogen and phosphate / T.H. Nielsen u.a.
In: Plant Cell Environ. - 21 (1998), S. 443-455

A   Understanding allocation to shoot and root growth will require molecular information about which compounds act as signals, and how meristem activity and cellular growth are regulated / M. Stitt mit W.-R. Scheible
In: Plant Soil. - 206 (1998), S. 259-263

Storch, Volker    [Prof.]

A   Beitrag zur Ökologie der Wasserfledermaus (Myotis daubentonii) in Nordbaden / V. Storch u.a.
In: Carolinea. - 56 (1998), S. 103-110

A   Benthosforschung im Südpolarmeer : Störung schafft Vielfalt / V. Storch u.a.
In: BIUZ. - 28 (1998), S. 362-370

A   Der Einfluß von Nahrungsentzug auf die Ultrastruktur der Hepatozyten von Hemidactylus frenatus (Lacertilia: Gekkonidae) mit besonderer Berücksichtigung der Peroxisomen / V. Storch mit L. de Brito-Gitirana
In: Ann.Anat. - 180 (1998), S. 193-202

A   The status of the freshwater crab populations of the Khabur River (Syria) / V. Storch u.a.
In: J.Ntl.Hist. - 32 (1998), S. 1439-1445

A   Ultrastructural analysis of the sensilla of Austoperipatus aequabilis Reid, 1996 (Onychophora, Peripatopsidae) / V. Storch u.a.
In: Acta Zool. - 79 (1998), S. 267-275

Trotter, Jacqueline    [Priv.Doz.]

A   Isolation and characterisation of an oligodendrocyte-precursor-derived B-cell epitope in Multiple Sclerosis / J.J. Archelos u.a.
In: Ann.Neurol. - 43 (1998), S. 15-24

A   Novel pluripotential neural progenitor lines exhibiting rapid controlled differentiation to neurotransmitter receptor-expressing neurons and glia / M. Jung u.a.
In: Eur.J.Neurosci. - 10 (1998), S. 3246-3256

A   Transcripts for secreted and GPI-anchored Brevican are differentially distributed in rat brain / C. Seidenbecher u.a.
In: Eur.J.Neurosci. - 10 (1998), S. 1621-1630

Vogt, Günter    [Priv.Doz.]

A   Granulomatous hepatopancreatitis: immune response of the crayfish Astacus astacus to a bacterial infection / G. Vogt mit M. Rug
In: Freshwater Crayfish. - 11 (1996(1997))

Zwilling, Robert    [Prof.]

A   Cloning and characterization of a cDNA coding for Astacus embryonic astacin, a member of theastacin family of metallo-proteases from the crayfish Astacus astacus / R. Zwilling u.a.
In: Eur.J.Biochem. - 253 (1998), S. 796-803

A   Phosphinic peptides, the first potent inhibitors of astacin, behave as extremely slow-binding inhibitors / R. Zwilling u.a.
In: Biochem.J. - 331 (1998), S. 375-379