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Ambos-Spies, Klaus [Prof.]
(u.a.) Resource-bounded balanced genericity, stochasticity and weak randomness. In: 13th Annual Symp. on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science. Ed. by C.Puech et al. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science ; 1046). Berlin 1996, S. 63--74
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Behrendt, Frank [Akad.Rat]
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Dahlhaus, Rainer [Prof.]
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Deitmar, Anton [Akad.Rat]
Product expansions for zeta functions attached to locally symmetric spaces of higher rank. In: Duke Mathematical J. 82 (1996) 71--90
Torus actions on compact quotients. In: J. of Lie Theory 6 (1996) 179--190

Dold, Albrecht [Prof.]
Lecture Notes in Mathematics. Bd. 1618--1648. Berlin 1996

Freitag, Eberhard [Prof.]
Siegel Eisenstein series of arbitrary level on theta series. In: Abh.Math.Sem.Univ.Hamburg 66 (1996) 229--247

Henn, Hans-Werner [Priv.Doz.]
Commutative algebra of unstable K-modules, Lannes' T-functor and equivariant mod-p cohomology. In: J.Reine Angew.Math. 478 (1996) 189--215
(mit J.Carlson) Cohomological detection and regular elements in group cohomology. In: Proc.Am.Math.Soc. 124 (1996) 665--670

Hiß, Gerhard [Priv.Doz.]
(u.a.) CHEVIE : a system for computing and processing generic character tables. In: Applicable Algebra in Engineering, Communication and Computing 7 (1996) 175--210
Supercuspidal representations of finite reductive groups. In: J.Algebra 184 (1996) 839--851
(u.a.) Towards a classification of the irreducible representations in non-describing characteristic of a finite group of Lie type. In: Math.Zs. 221 (1996) 353--386

Jäger, Willi [Prof.]
(u.a.) Planning and controlling minimal invasive operations by real-time direct volume rendering. In: Computer Assisted Radiology '96. Ed. by H.Lemke et al. Amsterdam 1996, S. 237--242
(u.a.) Interactive operation planning and control with VIRIM. In: Health Care in the Information Age. Ed. by S.J.Weghorst et al. Amsterdam 1996, S. 118--133

Kohnen, Winfried [Prof.]
On the uniform convergence of Poincaré series of exponential type on Jacobi groups. In: Abh.Math.Sem.Univ.Hamburg 66 (1996) 131--134
On Siegel modular forms. In: Compositio Mathematica 103 (1996) 219--226

Leinert, Michael [Prof.]
(u.a.) Convolution and limit theorems for conditionally free random variables. In: Pac.J.Math. 175 (1996) 357--388
Convolution and limit theorems for conditionally free random variables. In: Pacific J. of Mathematics 175 (1996) 357--388

Mammen, Enno [Prof.]
Empirical processes of residuals for high-dimensional linear models. In: Ann.Statist. 24 (1996) 307--335
(mit B.U.Park) Behaviour of kernel density estimates and bandwidth selectors for contaminated data sets. In: Statistics 28 (1996) 89--104

Müller, Gert Heinz [em.Prof.]
Conceptual analysis of some features of our worldview. In: Concepts of Time. Ed. by K.Vatsyayan. New Delhi 1996, S. 41--51
Reflection in set theory : the Bernays-Levy axiom system. In: Philosophy of Mathematics Today. Ed. by E.Agazzi and G.Darvas (Episteme ; 22). Dordrecht 1997 [bereits 1996 ersch.], S. 137--169

Puppe, Dieter [Prof.]
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(mit M.Clapp) Critical point theory of symmetric functions and closed geodesics. In: Differential Geometry and its Applications 6 (1996) 367--396

Rannacher, Rolf [Prof.]
(u.a.) Artificial boundaries and flux and pressure conditions for the imcompressible Navier-Stokes equations. In: Internat.J.Num.Meth.Fluids 22 (1996) 325--352
(u.a.) Detailed numerical simulations in flow reactors : a new approach in measuring absolute rate constants. In: J.Phys.Chem. 100 (1996) 9323--9333
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(u.a.) Gas Phase Chemical Reaction Systems : Experiments and Models 100 Years after Max Bodenstein. Berlin 1996. XIV,270 S. (Springer Series in Chemical Physics ; 61)

Reinelt, Gerhard [Prof.]
(u.a.) Exact ground states of two-dimensional \pm J spin glasses. In: J.Statist.Phys. 84 (1996) 1363--1371
(mit M.Funke) A polyhedral approach to the feedback vertex set problem. In: Proc. of the 5th IPCO Conference. Vancouver 1996, S. 445--459
(mit T.Christof) Combinatorial optimization and small polytopes. In: Top [Soc. de Estadistica e Investigación Operativa] 4 (1996) 1--53

Sawitzki, Günther [Akad.Rat]
The excess mass approach and analysis of multi-modality. In: From Data to Knowledge. Ed. by W.Gaul and D.Pfeifer. Berlin 1996, S. 203--211
Extensible statistical software : on a voyage to Oberon. In: J. of Computational and Graphical Statistics 5 (1996) 263--283

Speicher, Roland [Priv.Doz.]
(mit A.Nica) On the multiplication of free n-tuples of non-commutative random variables. In: Amer.J.Math. 118 (1996) 799--837
(mit A.Nica) R-diagonal pairs : a common approach to Haar unitaries and circular elements. In: Free Probability Theory. Ed. by D.Voiculescu (Fields Institute Communications ; 12). Providence 1996, S. 149--188
On universal products: Ebda S. 257--266
(mit R.Woroudi) Boolean convolution: Ebda S. 267--280
(mit M.Bozejko) Interpolations between bosonic and fermionic relations given by generalized Brownian motions. In: Math.Zs. 222 (1996) 135--160
(u.a.) Convolution and limit theorems for conditionally free random variables. In: Pac.J.Math. 175 (1996) 357--388 
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