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art journals – Illustrated art and satire periodicals

Pan, 1.1895-96Heidelberg University Library owns an extensive collection of historical art journals due to its collection focus "European Art History".

As part of the DFG projects "Digitisation and subject-cataloguing of illustrated art and satire periodicals of the 19th and early 20th centuries" and "The European perspective: Digitisation and indexing of foreign illustrated art and satirical journals of the 19th and early 20th century", around 70 European art and satirical magazines were digitised and put online between 2009 and 2015. The aim of the project was not only to realise unrestricted digital access to this important historical source material, but also to provide in-depth content indexing of text and images.

The indexing of, among others, French and English caricatures from the period 1841 to 1872 and from 1894 to 1914 enables a "European perspective" on important historical events that were significant and formative for all of Europe, e.g. the Revolution of 1848; the Franco-Prussian War and the prehistory of the First World War. In addition, the illustrations reflect the social changes of the time as well as the stylistic development of caricature.

All articles contained in the magazines are recorded in the union catalogue K10Plus and can be referenced by DOI. In addition, a full-text search is available for comprehensive research in the journals.

Since 2015, further art and satirical journals have been continuously digitised, so that currently around 370 journals are made available online by Heidelberg University Library.

An alphabetical list of all journals and an overview by year of publication can be found here.

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