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Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

Heidelberg University Matriculation Register 1386-1936 – digital

Heidelberg, Alte Universität (Photo: Wolfgang Metzger)Matriculation records are one of the most important sources for researching the history of the University.

Two of the original matriculation volumes held in the archives of Heidelberg University are presented here (Band 1: 1386-1432; Band 4: 1579-1662). The printed edition of 1886, which was begun by Gustav Toepke (1841-1899) to coincide with the anniversary of the University, forms the basis for the digitalization of the years 1386 to 1870. It should be noted however, that due to wartime events the matriculation records are not complete. Between 1632-1652 and 1689-1703 the university did not exist and the matriculation volume for 1663-1689 has been lost.

For the period 1663–1668, Toepke was able to refer to a transcript from the General Archive in Karlsruhe, and published this in his second volume (Anhang I).

Only handwritten matriculation records exist for the years 1871 to 1936. These have been made available for digitization by the University Archives.

Toepke did not limit himself to deciphering and printing the lists of university members. He also made comments, collated from the preserved files of the university and the faculties, listing details about the careers of the individuals at Heidelberg University. This included, amongst other things, lecture lists, the oldest booklists and lists of graduates from the faculties.

Both index volumes, containing names, places, subjects and words, assist specific search queries.

Questions, comments and criticism should be addressed to the Digitalisierungszentrum.

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