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Theological literature – digitized

Zeichnung einer Lutherpredikt (Titelblatt einer digitalisierten theologischen Schrift)During Reformation and the era of confessionalization the Electoral Palatinate and its capital Heidelberg were in focus of the theological developments. Theology studies at University followed the religious denomination of the Prince Electors, which has changed several times between Lutheran and Reformed (Calvinist-style), before reverting to Catholicism after the capture of Heidelberg in 1622 during the Thirty Years' War. Not least, these changes are also reflected in the University Library's historic collection of theological literature. Among the authors are numerous Reformers who acted in the German-speaking Southwest and in Heidelberg, too (e.g. Johannes Brenz, Caspar Olevian, David Pareus and Daniel Tossanus). Another focus of our digital collection are funeral sermons (Leichenpredigten), a genre that goes back to Martin Luther.

The collection is under construction.


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