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Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

Vincenz Fohmann (1794-1837)

In 1794 Vincenz Fohmann was born in Asmannstadt, Baden. He studied medicine in Heidelberg under Friedrich Tiedemann and was Heidelbergs anatomical Prosector from 1819 until 1826.

He dissected with the students in the laboratory of the dissection course. In addition, using all available techniques from this periode, He was responsible for the production of learning materials for the students. He became quite famous for his injections of the "Saugadersystem" with mercury. Today this system is called lymphatic system.

During his years in Heidelberg he published the book "Anatomische Untersuchungen über die Verbindungen der Saugadern mit den Venen", as well as subsequent articles and books about the lymphatic sytem.

In 1827 he replaced Jean-Nicolas Comhaire as the Anatomy Professor in Lüttich. However of his origin and his German accent he was treated with reservation. In spite of this he was appointed the Head of Anatomy from 1833 until 1834.

In Lüttich he resumed his dissection and increased the anatomical collection. Furthermore, made plans for an anatomical museum. His valuable collection was not appreciated until later when it was properly displayed at the University. He died on the 25th of September, 1837, at the age of 43, from mecury poisoning.

Digitized books by Vincenz Fohmann

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