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During the research work for her Ph.D. thesis from 2008 to 2011, Eliane Ursula Ettmüller collected all of James Sanua’s publications available.

Mrs. Eva Milhaud kindly gave her permission to digitize Sanua’s legacy and to make it available to interested readers and researchers all over the world. However, as the newspaper series published from August 1878 to December 1884 and the ones published between 1908 and 1910 were not among the originals, Prof. Dr. Nagua Ibrahim Anous made it possible for her to scan the reprints published by Dar Sader in Beirut in 1974.

The project to produce a website of James Sanua’s complete works derived from Project B1 “Gauging Cultural Asymmetries: Asian Satire and the Search for Identity in the Era of Colonialism and Imperialism” at the Cluster of Excellence “Asia and Europe in a Global Context” of Heidelberg University from which it received its major funding. It was realized in a collaborative endeavor with the Visual Resources Team of the Cluster’s Heidelberg Research Architecture

Responsible in the process of the elaboration were the following:

Eliane Ettmüller's Ph.D. thesis has been published as "The Construct of Egypt's National-Self in James Sanua's Early Satire & Caricature", Studien zum Modernen Orient 22, Klaus Schwarz Verlag 2012 (now a part of De Gruyter). Find more information at this DOI: 10.1515/9783112208908.

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