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Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

General terms of ordering and delivery between Heidelberg University Library (hereinafter called 'UB'

Placing of orders

  • Orders by telephone must be confirmed in writing (letter, telefax, e-mail)
  • Further inquiries or information by the vendor are necessary in case delivery is impossible or items are not available as ordered, e. g.
    • if the book is out of print
    • if a new edition is in preparation
    • if there is a difference in essential particulars of the order and the item ordered
    • if, within a short period, the vendor receives another order from the UB for the same item, not expressly marked as a duplicate order
    • if the delivery price exceeds the price quoted in the UB's order by more than 20 per cent.
  • The UB reserves the right to cancel subscriptions in the case of subsequent rise in subscription prices.


  • The terms of delivery will be three months, with the exception of subscriptions.
  • Items delivered should be accompanied by the invoice (please send copy of the order or quote orderno. on the invoice).
  • The vendor will be liable for the condition of the merchandise and will bear the risk of its damage in shipment.
  • The UB reserves the right of return for items from incomplete or otherwise inaccurate advertising offers, with missing reference to series, doctoral disssertations, or changes of title.
  • Furthermore, the UB reserves the right of return for antiquarian books if the general condition of an item rules out normal library use (for instance, due to decayed paper, mildew, etc.).


  • Invoices are required in duplicate.
  • They must be addressed to the ordering department of the UB (for instance, "MB1: Neuzugang Monografien").
  • They must show the type of order (for instance, "firm order" or "standing order").
  • They must quote
    • the UB order number, if known
    • the bibliographical short title of the item supplied
    • bank connection and account No. of the vendor
    • VAT-No. of the UB and of the vendor, if applicable
    • VAT-rate, discounts, extra charges, delivery charges, if applicable.
      Additional requirements for items of foreign origin are:
    • quotation either of the domestic price without sales tax and VAT, or of the export price in domestic currency.
  • For vendors holding euro accounts, foreign currencies will be converted at the day's selling rate of exchange on the issuing date of the vendor's invoice.
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