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Rocznik Muzeum Narodowego w Warszawie – digitized

Intro 'Rocznik Muzeum Narodowego w Warszawie'Rocznik Muzeum Narodowego w Warszawie [Journal of the National Museum in Warsaw] appeared (intermittently) between 1938 and 1993. It featured articles in art history, archaeology, museology and their auxiliary sciences.

The articles, mostly written in Polish with abstracts in foreign languages, dealt with exhibits in the collection of the National Museum in Warsaw. The journal also published materials from the history of museum studies and collecting in Poland and reports on the museum’s activity. In 2012, the tasks of the periodical were taken up and extended by Rocznik Muzeum Narodowego w Warszawie. Nowa Seria / Journal of the National Museum in Warsaw. New Series. Papers are published in Polish and English (bilingual).

All articles contained in this magazine are indexed in the local online catalogue HEIDI and therefore also can be searched in the SWB and in

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