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Kunst und Künstler. Illustrierte Monatsschrift für Kunst und Kunstgewerbe – digitized

Mädchen mit Spielzeug unter Rosen-PergolaThe most famous product of Bruno Cassirers's editorial work (in Berlin) is the magazine Kunst und Künstler – illustrierte Monatsschrift für bildende Kunst und Kunstgewerbe, which was published for the first time in 1902. Many regard it as one of the "most beautiful art magazines" which was ever published. It was edited by Emill Heilbutt and Cäsar Fleischlein. Since 1907 it had been published by the art critic and journalist Karl Scheffler (1869-1951), a sharp-witted advocate of contemporary European art. Scheffler used his gained editorial influence to publish his views on the artistic and cultural questions of his time. In the years before the First World Word his dedicated appearance had a severe impact on enforcing the Impressionistic movement, which in those years was still a heavily disputed art movement in Germany. Whereas a new edition of the exclusive PAN was only available quarterly or rather every two months, the Kunst und Künstler could be bought every month.

After the empowerment of the Nazis in the year 1933 the magazine was stopped. All the contributions concerned visual arts and individual artists. The focus of the magazine lay upon contemporary, mainly German, art and on the French impressionists. Most of the illustrations were reproductions of famous paintings and graphics, which the editor Cassirer had specialized on, as well as original graphics. Artists such as Arnold Böcklin, Anselm Feuerbach, Max Klinger, Max Liebermann, Giovanni Segantini, Max Slevogt, Hans Thoma and Wilhelm Trübner were involved.

All articles contained in this magazine are indexed in the local online catalogue HEIDI and therefore also can be searched in the SWB and in

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