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Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

Terms and conditions of publishers

By accessing the online resources of Heidelberg University, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Access to licensed content is exclusively permitted to members of the licensing university and, if permitted by the providers, also to other registered library users; if applicable, as walk-in users on the premises of the university library.
  2. The full texts of the articles may only be accessed, printed or saved for personal use and research purposes. Any commercial use is strictly prohibited!
  3. The systematic downloading of articles or search results, especially by robots, is prohibited. Similarly, as a rule, only insignificant parts of a licensed work may be downloaded (see also point 9). Failure to observe this rule may result in the publisher's server being blocked for the entire campus.
  4. The licensed content may not be modified, and the author(s) of the work may not be made unrecognisable.
  5. Articles may not be passed on to third parties, either electronically or in print (third parties are all persons who are not part of the user groups mentioned in point 1).
  6. Where access is controlled by means of identifiers, these are under no circumstances to be passed on to third parties.
  7. Author names and copyright information of the publishers may not be deleted or overwritten in the electronic version; references must be quoted correctly.
  8. If the publisher/provider of a licensed work offers personalised functions and enhancements for which registration with the provider is required, the user is responsible for the setting up and careful handling of the identifiers.
  9. Please also note the terms and conditions of use of the providers ("Terms and Conditions", "AGB" etc.), in particular with regard to possible extended or limited rights of use (e.g. scope of the content that may be downloaded), and also the storage period of downloaded content, which sometimes has a time limit.

For further information please consult the publisher's homepage.

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