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Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

Help for Research

The search functions allow you to search for prints digitized by the Heidelberg University Library. The prints were published between 1500 and 1900.

The advanced search option offers four fields you can fill with search terms. The option to search within the table of contents of the digitized volumes can be chosen optional. The results may be sorted by one of three criteria (Author, Editor etc., Published Place and Date, Title).

The search criteria “Author, Editor etc.”, “Title”, “Full text” and “Everywhere” are preset. In order to change the criterion of a field you may open its pull-down menu and choose e.g. “Published Place”, “Classification” or “Subject”.

search form display

Multiple terms in the input field are implicitly linked by boolean AND: all of them must occur in each result.

Search criteria

  • Subjects: This category allows to search for subjects from a controlled vocabulary which were given in accordance with the rules of the Subject-Catalogue (RSWK)
  • Full text: This search criteria enables to search the full text of digitized documents, except those printed in fracture
  • Everywhere: The option “Everywhere” permits to search bibliographic information, the full texts and the contents simultaneously.

General information on input

  • The case of the search terms is ignored by the system (case-insensitive search).
  • Truncation (ommitting letters or substrings): ”* “ represents any number of letters. Truncation is possible from the third letter onwards.
    For example: The search term ”Win* “ in the title field leads to results whose titles contain “Winckelann”, “Winckelmannsfest” etc.

Results list

Upon submitting the search form the list of results is displayed with each item consisting of most important bibliographic information.

You can access the digitized full text simply by clicking the title.

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