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Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

heidICON-Pool 'SFB 619

Pool name SFB 619 – A4 Romantic Love
Institution SFB 619 Subproject A4
South Asia Institute
Im Neuenheimer Feld 330
D-69120 Heidelberg
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Content This research project deals with two particular forms of social relationships: On the one hand visualisations and medialisations of romantic love and urban youth culture are analysed on the example of the Valentine's Day in New Delhi (India) and Kathmandu Valley (Nepal). In this context greeting cards, advertising and digital social networks as well as interviews are part of the research. In a minor scale and in cooperation with the SFB's sub-project A2 this project investigates on the other hand some occupational groups which choreographically and medial frame the arranged marriages in the Kathmandu Valley. Special attention is given to the ethnically group of the Newar and here to the so called 'Wedding bands' which lead the marriage procession and mark ritual culminations and transformations. Furthermore wedding photo- and videographers were accompanied and interviews on their work were taken (2010-2012).
Characteristics / specifics The collected material reaches from fieldwork photographies and videos to commercial videos and film clips and up to Valentine's Day's greeting cards of which more than 400 were gatherd, digitalised and annotated within the scope of this project. Most of these cards originate from the Indian company Archie's Ltd. and contain different genres of pictures, languages, sizes and layouts. Furthermore newspaper articles, advertisements and sreenshots of various wedding videos can be found in the database of this research project.
For ethical reasons not all of the collected material can be opened to the public.
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Quantity ca. 590 data records (08/2019)
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Contact Prof. Dr. Christiane Brosius
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