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On antique reception q.v. „Books on architecture and garden architecture“ (e.g. Vitruv, Serlio, Vignola)

The collection is recorded on our online catalogue HEIDI as well as on the online catalogue SWB (Union Catalog of the South West German Library Consortium) and on the Special Collection Catalogue of Classical Archaeology. There you can find digitized literature of the 20th century and electronic full-texts, too, made available through other national or international institutions.


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Archaeological literature – digitized

West Front des ParthenonWithin its Specialised Information Service Classical Archaeology the University Library of Heidelberg holds an extensive collection of archaeological literature of the 16th through the early 20th century. Heidelberg University Library provides digital full-text versions of selected works from its historical collections and makes them available on the Internet at no charge.

Through the thematic portal “Reception of Antiquity in a Semantic Network: Digital Books, Images and Objects” the titles from Heidelberg can be searched along with further digitized works by the project partners.

Alphabetical overview of archaeological journals


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          Browsing by "Subjects" allows you a thematic access on the digitized titles on Archaeology. The structure of the thesaurus is leaving ajar on the subject indexing vocabulary of the German Institute of Archeology (DAI). It was developed within the proceedings of the thematic portal "Reception of Antiqutiy in a Semantic Network: Digital Books, Images and Objects". There are presented the digitized titles on Egyptology and Classical Archeology together.

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          The browsing function "Countries and Places" allows you topographical access to the digitized titles of Classical Archaeology. It was developed within the proceedings of the thematic portal “Reception of Antiqutiy in a Semantic Network: Digital Books, Images and Objects”. The underlying georeferencings are based on the date of the geographical database GeoNames. As a rule the referencings are related on the present country and place names. Georeferencings are attributed to these titles, which refer to certain countries or places. On the other side also repositories as museum catalogues are connected to geocodes.

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