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Bank details

Heidelberg University
Baden-Württembergische Bank
Bank code 600 501 01
Bank account 7421 5004 36
Address of Baden-Württembergische Bank:
Kleiner Schlossplatz 11 D-70173 Stuttgart
Specifications for cross-border payments to the University
IBAN: DE69600501017421500436
Heidelberg University
Sparkasse Heidelberg
Bank code 672 500 20
Bank account 21 911

Heidelberg University Library is a central unit and as such organizationally and legally dependent on the University of Heidelberg, which as a corporation under public law is a supplier of services in terms of § 2 Nr. 1 TMG and is represented by its president. For questions of liability, copyright and data protection see the imprint of Heidelberg University.


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Liability note

The University Library of Heidelberg as provider of this internet presence is responsible for its own contents offered for use. By using the Web services of Heidelberg University Library you accept the following  disclaimer.

Data privacy statement

For statistical purposes, website access is evaluated and the following data are saved in the protocol file:

  • calendar date
  • time
  • first three bytes of the IP address
  • actual document retrieved
  • previously retrieved document (without request parameter)
  • file size  (in bytes)
  • HTTP status code

A personal user profile cannot be created as we only store the reduced IP address.

For using services which require a user login we set a session cookie which stores the identity of the actual browsing session on your workstation. Session cookies are automatically deleted from your workstation when the browser is closed. The information is not available for later browsing sessions. The data cannot be connected to an individual person. Beyond that, cookies are used for personalization features of several services (e.g. Heidi-OPAC, document server EPrints) which are stored on the user's workstation and are not deleted when the browser is closed. When using these cookies no personal data are processed.

The University Library of Heidelberg does not assume liability for the contents and private policies of external resources.

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