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Dr. Maria Effinger
Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg
Tel: +49 (0) 6221-54-3561
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Dr. Martin Nissen
Heidelberg University Library
Tel: +49 6221 54-2581
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Publishing Fund and Research Data

Dr. Jochen Apel
Heidelberg University Library
Tel: +49 6221 54-4249
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Open Access and Copyright

Ulrike Fälsch, LL.M.
Heidelberg University Library
Tel: +49 6221 54-2579
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Electronic Publishing – Open Access


Open Access with UB Heidelberg publication services

heiUP – Heidelberg University Publishing

Heidelberg University Publishing (heiUP) is the university press of Heidelberg University. With heiUP the University provides its top level researchers a publication form without excluding the publication of excellent foreign works. All publications of heiUP - monographs and periodicals - appear in Open Access both in HTML and PDF format. Monographs also appear in printed form and can be regularly obtained through bookshops.

heiBOOKS – Heidelberg E-Books

The service heiBOOKS provides researchers at Heidelberg University with the opportunity to publish e-books in Open Access. The University Library hosts the open source software Open Monograph Press (OMP), provides support with the production of the e-book, guarantees long term availability and ensures the greatest possible visibility.
DFG project ”Business Model for Open Access Books“

heiDOK – The Heidelberg Document Repository

heiDOK is the Open Access publishing platform at Heidelberg University. It provides members of the university with the opportunity to publish their research output in Open Access.

heiJOURNALS – Heidelberg OJS-Journals

The heiJOURNALS service provides researchers at Heidelberg University with the opportunity to publish e-journals in Open Access. The University Library hosts the open source software Open Journal Systems (OJS), provides support with the establishment of new journals, guarantees long term availability and ensures the greatest possible visibility, while the researchers act as editors.
DFG project ”Sustainable OJS-infrastructure“

Digital Editions

In collaboration with several national and international partners, UB Heidelberg provides online publication of different text corpora, using digital publication technology. Amongst others, our aims are to incorporate current standards in text and image markup (XML/TEI) and to enable personalized annotation and commenting. All content is available in open access.
Digital Editions


heidICON is the digital and interdisciplinary object and multimedia repository of Heidelberg University. Institutes, collections and projects can provide images, video and audio data as well as other multimedia material for research and teaching via the database.
Not only is heidICON a central and sustainable repository, cataloguing system and presentation platform, but it also serves as an aggregator for the provision of data in national and international databases.

Specialised Information Service for Art and Special Subject Collections Classical Archaeology, Egyptology and South Asia

Funded by the DFG, the University Library operates the platforms and Propylaeum as well as FID4SA for scholars of art history, classical archaeology, egyptology and Asian Studies. These platforms provide numerous opportunities to publish articles, reviews, e-books and e-journals in Open Access and to archive research data. They provide scholars with a means to expand the supply of freely available, full-text searchable, digitalised literature and of visual media, both older or contemporary, according to their own research interests. (Art, Photography, Design)
Propylaeum (Classics)
FID4SA (Southeast Asia)

Competence Centre for Research Data / heiDATA

In accordance with the University’s Research Data Policy, the Competence Centre for Research Data (KFD) offers researchers at Heidelberg University central services for archiving and publishing their research data. Particularly, it maintains the institutional research data repository heiDATA. The KFD is a joint service facility of the University Library and the Heidelberg University Computing Centre.
Competence Centre for Research Data

Support for Open Access with commercial publishers

Open Access Publishing Fund

Heidelberg University’s Open Access Publishing Fund offers financial support for researchers who publish articles in Open Access journals The fund, available since 2014, is part of the DFG funding programme ”Open Access Publishing“ and may be used to cover publication costs.
Open Access Publishing Fund

Discounts on open access publications

Authors of the university can obtain improved terms for Open Access publications from various publishers. For further information, please visit our site map about Open Access discounts.

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