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Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

Request items from the University Library collection to the Reading Room without a library card

On principle a library card is obligatory to request and borrow items form the library collections.

>How do I get a library card?

Without a library card you can order items into our Reading Room for consultation only. This service is addressed to one-time users of University Library who live far away or who want to visit our library for a short time within the scope of research. This form is not suitable for loan requests.

First, please retrieve the item by searching our online catalog HEIDI. A number of titles published prior to 1962 remain to be cataloged in HEIDI; at present searches for these items may continue to require use of the digitized card catalog DigiKat.

>About the catalogs.

Fields marked with an * are mandatory.

Request for the Reading Room
* Call number Volume
* Author
* Title
Place of publication
* Year

(for journals, too)
Your address:
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* E-Mail
I will contact you via phone before my departure to make sure ordered literature is deposited for me. (Phone cf. Altstadt bzw. Neuenheim)
* If possible, the book should be provided on (date)
to the 
* Surname: * First name:
I agree to the storage and processing of my personal data so far as they are relevant to the processing of my request. 

The reading-room staff takes care to make available the book within a short time (not less than 1 working day). Please make sure by phone whether the book could be delivered to the selected reading room (Main Library, Old Town or Neuenheim Branch Library). For further questions, please contact us via: Letter Mail.

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