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Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

Opening of the main library in the Old Town and the branch library in Neuenheim

The circulation desks, information centers and reading rooms in the Main Library in the Old Town and in the Neuenheimer branch library are open again with restrictions during the regular opening hours. In the reading rooms, the upper limit is 220 for the main library and 90 for the branch library. Like the other PC pools at the university, the multimedia center (MMZ) in the main library remains closed. The

Overview of the regulations for the circulation desks

Those who wish to return their books can do so at the return desk. It is also possible to present books for their third renewal and to pay fees. You can collect ordered books and borrow books from the open-access collections.

The extended services for members of Heidelberg University are still available.

  • Fees and loan periods

    No new fees will be charged until the 30th May 2020. To avoid overdue fees, all items whose loan periods have expired by, or before this date, must be returned. From the 31st May 2020 onwards, the normal system for overdue fees will again operate. The normal loan periods will apply to newly borrowed books.
  • Payment of fees

    Where possible, please make cashless payments, either with your student card, a CampusCard or by bank transfer.
  • Orders

    Orders from the closed archives can be placed again from Monday, 27th April onwards, via the online catalogue HEIDI. Ordered items can be collected at specified delivery times from Tuesday, 28th April onwards. Likewise, items from the Bergheim Campus library and the CATS library can be ordered for collection from the main library in the Old Town. Items that were ordered but could not be collected due to the closure, can be collected within 10 days after reopening. The collection period for newly ordered items has been extended to 10 opening days.
  • Open-access and self-collection areas of the main library in the Old Town

    Entry to the open-access and self-collection areas in the main library is possible again, starting on Tuesday, 28th April.
  • Reservations

    Existing reservations will be retained and new reservations can be made.
  • New registrations

    New registrations for external users are not possible until further notice. Members of the University can register in the usual way.
  • Inter-library loans

    The interlibrary loan will be available from May 11th again. However, since not all libraries are already delivering interlibrary loans, delivery delays and cancellations may occur. Please remember that the processing fee for interlibrary loan orders must be paid even in the case of non-delivery.
  • Return

    Borrowed items can be returned to the circulation desk at the main library in the Old Town, or to the branch library in Neuenheim. If you are unable to deliver books to us personally, you can also send them to the following address:

    Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg
    Plöck 107 - 109
    69117 Heidelberg

    Please note that if you don't insure a shipment, you will be responsible for the risk involved, i.e. you will be held liable in case a shipment goes missing. Please note also that a shipment has to be delivered at the latest by the last day of a loan period, in order to avoid the charging of overdue fees.
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