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Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

Restricted user services due to Corona/Covid-19

During the period that restrictions apply due to implementation of the Corona Action Programme, the follow terms of use will apply:

  • Circulation Departments
    The circulation departments in the main library and the branch library in Neuenheim are open again. An overview of the regulations can be found on the corresponding information page.
  • Reading rooms and information
    The reading rooms and information centres are open again with restrictions. In the Information Centre main library (IZA) are fourteen Research PCs, in the Information Centre branch library (IZN) one PC-Workstation accessible for brief research. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us by Brief E-Mail . The URZ Information service is currently only available by telephone or e-mail.
  • Multimedia Centre (MMZ)
    The Multimedia Centre is open with restrictions.
  • Decentralised libraries
    The decentralized libraries in the Heidelberg library system will be successively re-opened in coordination with the respective institutes and seminars. Please refer to the websites of the individual institutes for information about their specific circumstances.
  • Extendes services for members of Heidelberg University
    The extended services for members of Heidelberg University (ordering service, HEDD, research services) are still available.
  • Digital library
    The online services are available without restrictions. Some publishers are allowing extended access to electronic resources.
  • Dissertation submission
    As long as there are restrictions on the use of the library, the deposit copy of your dissertation can also be submitted by post. Please send the one obligatory copy together with the required forms to Heidelberg University Library, Dissertationsstelle / Medienbearbeitung I, Plöck 107-109, 69117 Heidelberg.
  • Long-term lockers in the main library

    If the deadline for your long-term locker has expired, or will expire during the period of limited usage of the library, it will be extended until further notice.

    Keys for long-term lockers can only be returned to room 114 by prior appointment. You can reach us for this purpose by phone at 06221 /54-3532, or by e-mail at: When entering the room, please ensure you are wearing a face mask, covering both mouth and nose.

    We can only accept reservations for a permanent locker by e-mail. Please complete the reservation form and send it as a PDF to

  • Lost property main library
    Lost property can only be collected from room 114 by prior appointment. You can reach us for this puropose by phone at 06221 /54-3532 or by e-maill: Please try to confirm in advance whether your lost item is actually in our possession. When entering the room, please ensure that you are wearing a face mask, covering both mouth and nose.
  • Interlibrary Loan The interlibrary loan will be available from May 11th again. However, since not all libraries are already delivering interlibrary loans, delivery delays and cancellations may occur. Please remember that the processing fee for interlibrary loan orders must be paid even in the case of non-delivery.
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