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Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

Information on Heidelberg University Bibliography (heiBIB)

Who should register their publications?

As members of the University of Heidelberg professors, lecturers, academic assistances as well as postgraduate and postdoctoral fellows should register their publications at Heidelberg University Bibliography (heiBIB).

Which publications can be registered?

Only works, which have already been published, can be registered at Heidelberg University Bibliography (heiBIB). Electronic publications must have a permanent link.

How can I register a publication?

The registration of a publication is done via an online form. Here you can list single works or import references, which already exist in one of the following formats: Endnote (Tagged), RIS, Web of Science-Export (Endnote), BibTeX, Open XML Bibliography and Pubmed XML. Furthermore, references with a DOI or a Pubmed ID are automatically integrated. If you require further import options, if necessary also interfaces, to already existing university systems please contact us via letter E-Mail.

How are publications referenced/listed?

Heidelberg University Bibliography's aim is a complete index of Heidelberg's publications with high-quality bibliographic data. After registering the publications librarians from Heidelberg University Library record the bibliographic data in the Südwestdeutsche Bibliotheksverbund (SWB) and in HEIDI, the online catalogue of the Heidelberg University.

How can publication lists be integrated into a website?

The publication lists are not suitable for further use as references (i.e. bibliographic management software etc.) Please use the search and export options from Heidi for this.

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