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Terms and conditions for reproducing images

Terms of use for reproduction in print

Heidelberg University Library owns and retains at all times the copyright on all reproductions produced. Customers may not reproduce any material supplied for any reason without prior written permission from Heidelberg University Library.

The use of our material for academic purposes and in publications relating to local history is free of charge provided that Heidelberg University Library is given a free copy of the publication. The use in educational material published by museums is exempted from fees as well.

The use of our material in any other type of publication will be charged as as stated below.

Criteria for exemption from permission fees

  1. Scientific publication
    • Guidelines for scientific writing apply (scientific topic and approach, rules for citations, reference list)
    • Author from a scientific environment (University, Research Institutes ...)
    • Print-run up to 2,000 copies (monographs)
  2. Publications dealing with a subject of regional history
    • Publication describes or analyses history, society and/or culture of a particular city or region.
    • Print-run up to 2,000 copies (monographs)
  3. Educational material in museums
    • publications providing information on the museum or an exhibition, targeting kids and young adults, educational purpose
    • print-run up to 2,000 copies
    • The material will be handed out without charge or at a very small charge.

! Please note: Exhibition catalogues, school books, are not exempted from fees.

Permission fees – Prices per image, per edition and corresponding to print-run

  1. Reproductions used in printed media or used offline on electronic / digital media

    1. Books, newspapers, journals, digital media (offline)
      black and white
      print-run up to 2.000
      25,00 €
      40,00 €
      print-run up to 3.000
      35,00 €
      52,00 €
      print-run up to 5.000
      45,00 €
      72,00 €
      print-run up to 10.000
      60,00 €
      92,00 €
      print-run up to 30.000
      90,00 €
      130,00 €
      print-run up to 50.000
      120,00 €
      184,00 €
      print-run over 50.000
      175,00 €
      256,00 €
      • following editions: 30% of standard fee
      • special requests by arrangement
    2. Digital products (e.g. ebooks)
      in combination (print + download):
      30% surcharge on fees after number 1 a
      as e-only edition:
      price on request
  2. Use on title page, half-title leaf or book jacket/wrapper:
    50% surcharge of regular fee

    Use in calenders, collector's editions, on posters, picture postcards, greeting cards:
    100% surcharge of regular fee

    Use for advertising purposes:
    four times the regular fee

  3. Online use

    up to ten years
    30,00 € / image
    longer than ten years
    50,00 € / image
  4. Use in ...

    Use in television (editorial use):
    repeated use, incl. streaming
    50,00 € / image
    press work (e.g. press kit)
    50,00 € / image
    advertising spot
    250,00 € / image

Picture credit

Please credit the image as follows: Heidelberg University Library, “title” or “shelf-mark”, “page no”.

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