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NS-Frauenwarte: Paper of the National Socialist Women's League

During the National Socialist period women played a minor role politically. In their capacity as housewives and mothers, however, they were seen as important vehicles for conveying the ideology and were used as such. The women were organised in the so-called National Socialist Women's League, which was under the NSDAP's (National Socialist German Workers' Party) direct control.

Amongst other publications, the National Socialist Women's League published the general women's magazine "NS-Frauenwarte". It had the status of the "only party-authorized women's paper", and was published fortnightly with a print-run of about one million copies in 1938.

As with the other media, the "NS-Frauenwarte", mainly served a propaganda purpose and served as self-promotion for the National Socialist Women's League and the subsidiary "German Women Association" ("Deutsches Frauenwerk"). The core topic was women's service in the social and cultural domain and in the family. Being a housewife and mother was presented as the exemplary criterion of womanhood.

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