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Mukti (Purulia: Desabandhu Press, Mukti Press, 1925-1979)

The periodical began publishing in 1925 from Purulia town, then in eastern Manbhum district of Bihar as an organ of Silpashram, a Gandhian ashram. During the Quit India movement in 1942 most of the members supported the Congress Socialists and formed an institution called Lok Sevak Sangha, still the Ashram is a part of the organisation. The periodical was proscribed in 1942 for it's alleged involvement in anti-government activities.

In 1956 Mukti advocated against dissection of the Manbhum district on the basis of linguistic identity and joining West Bengal as Purulia district. However, from 1956 the new district became an integrated part of West Bengal despite several protests and alligations. The publication of the periodical further seized by the Government in 1975 during Emergency and started publishing again in 1977. The publication from the beginning till late 1970s represented the local history of the region.

The publication of the periodical still continues from the Mukti Press, Purulia. Publication of the periodical was suspended from time to time for arrest of the editor by the colonial government and the publication of the periodical had been proscribed twice, once in 1942 and again in 1975.


  • Nibarancandra Dasgupta
  • S. Vir Raghav Acarya
  • Phanindranath Dasgupta
  • Atulcandra Ghosh
  • Aruncandra Ghosh
  • Bibhutibhusan Dasgupta
  • Cittabhusan Dasgupta

Custodian of microfilm copies:

Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta, Kolkata, W.B., India

  • Vol. 1, no. 1 [6 Pous, 1332 (21 December 1926)] - Vol. 38, no. 47 (22 January 1979)]

Custodian of paper copies:

Silpashram, Purulia, W.B., India

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