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Reader printer see Multimedia Centre (MMZ) (main library)
Reader printer, digital see Multimedia Centre (MMZ) (main library)
Reading room Main Library (LSA) / Information Centre Neuenheim (IZN)
The reading room of the Main Library (access: 1st floor west wing) consists of 3 floors with roughly 60.000 items of basic literature covering the humanities and social sciences, the journal and newspaper display as well as 1.000 work desks.
In the reading room of the Neuenheim Branch Library Lageplan (3D) roughly 25.000 items of basic literature for the natural sciences and medicine are provided. About 160 work desks are offered.
Reading Terrace
Reference books
can be found – depending on the content/subject or type of the reference book – in the reading room of the Main Library (LSA) (humanities and social sciences), in the reading room of the Information Centre Neuenheim (IZN), in the Informatione Centres of the Main Library (IZA) and the Neuenheim Branch Library (IZN). Staff members will be pleased to help you choose the right reference book or electronic version.
Reference collection
These holdings are by definition not borrowable. You only have the opportunity to borrow the items of the reading room as overnight loan or holiday loan.
In HEIDI items of the reference collections are marked with the status “for reference only”. Special location shelf-marks can be found at the end of the full record of the single item. This shelf-mark shows the location of the item on a shelf in the reference collection.
Reference Management Software
Reference management systems
Reference management systems (e.g. EndNote, Citavi) make academic writing easier. Referenced literature can be imported from catalogues and databases and then be easily added to academic papers as references. It can be used to generate automatically a bibliography. The programs also offer additional functions such as the embedding, annotation and management of electronic full texts.
Regensburger Verbundklassifikation
is a library classification scheme devised by Regensburg University Library covering all subjects. It is widely used in German academic libraries. (There is no full English translation of the classification scheme.)
The first libraries in Heidelberg started with the Regensburger Verbundklassifikation (RVK) on January 1st 2005. By now 23 branch libraries use the RVK to present their books by subject in the open stacks

Aside from being used for the presentation in the open stacks, RVK-notation is also searchable in the online-catalogue HEIDI by selecting the “RVK” in the drop down menu of the search field in the advanced search, offering information on further books on the same topic.

Regional bibliographies
list literature relating to a certain region (and its places, persons, etc.).
Reference librarians will help you to find the appropriate bibliography for your search.
Register of Heidelberg University 1386–1920 digital
The university register is one of the most important sources for researching the University’s history. The digitization of the years 1386 to 1870 is based on the printed edition started by Gustav Toepke (1841–1899) in 1886 on the occasion of the University’s jubilee. For the years 1871 to 1920 the handwritten register volumes were supplied by the University Archive for the digitization.
See also Course timetables
For library use, lending, requesting or reserving media and for the access to our electronic services (databases, e-journals, etc.) a library card is required.
Removable memory device see Multimedia Centre (MMZ)
can be done in HEIDI. The earliest possibility is 5 opening days before the loan period ends. It is only possible if the item is not requested by another user. Items that have already been reminded for the first time can be renewed up to 10 opening days after the original return date (not the date of the reminder) if they had been renewable. The loan period will be extended by 2 or 4 weeks from the original return date, depending on the type of media. The fees already charged have to be paid.
After the second renewal no further renewal is possible. If you still need the item please present it to the staff in the lending service. After taking the book back – and provided no one else requested the item – you are allowed to borrow it again.
Interlibrary loans can be renewed once in HEIDI, if the lending library permits.
Replacement library card
If you have lost your library card, you can get a replacement library card for a fee of 5.00 Euros ( § 2(4) of the Fees and Fines (only in German)) from the lending services.
Reproduction of library material
Overview on the reproduction services offered at the University Library: digitisation, photography, copy.
Books that are currently on loan can be requested through HEIDI to be reserved for you when they are returned. As soon as the previous user gives back the books you will be notified, usually by e-mail. If you do not own an e-mail account and are not a member of the University staff you will be notified by letter and be charged with the current rate for a standard letter. Please pick up the books within the following five opening days at the issue point. You can choose to waive the notification with costs, though in that case you will have to check your account weekly in HEIDI to see if books in your account have been marked as “ready to pick up“.
Requests with a library card see closed stacks holding
Requests without a library card
Without a library card you have the possibility to request books with this online form from the closed stacks to the reading room (e.g. if you plan a single visit to the library and have a long journey). Make sure to send in your request well before your visit. For closed-stack holdings we need 2-3 working days. It is not possible to borrow any of the books requested with this form.
Requests on holdings not recorded in HEIDI with a library card
Please use this online form to request books that have not been registered in HEIDI.
Research data management
Research strategies
Research strategies are useful when looking for literature and information on a topic in different catalogues and databases. Feel free to ask the reference librarians if you have questions on how to do your inquiry.
Resources by subject
You can get information from the staff of the Information Centre Main Library (IZA). If necessary, you will be referred to the relevant subject librarian.
Media on loan are to be returned at the loan desk in the lending services. Outside of the opening hours of the loan desk media can be returned in the reading rooms. If you are unable to return books to us in person, you can also send them to the following address:
Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg
Plöck 107–109
69117 Heidelberg
Please note that in the case of uninsured shipping, you must bear the shipping risk, i.e. you are liable in the event of postal loss, and that the item must reach us no later than the day of the loan deadline so that no overdue fees are incurred.
Roof terrace: see Reading Terrace
Rules and regulations (only in German)
The rules and regulations are available in the lending service.
RVK see Regensburger Verbundklassifikation
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