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Laptop use
You can use your own laptop in the reading room. Access to the internet in all areas of the reading room is available for members of Heidelberg University via WLAN. With Eduroam students and academics from other higher education institutions get access to the WLAN, if their home institution takes part in the service.
Members of Heidelberg University can borrow a netbook at the information desk of the reading room.
Additionally, access to the internet through WLAN is provided in the Multimedia Centre (MMZ) for members of the University with their own laptops.
In the reading room and in the enquiry and reference service in the Neuenheim Branch Library laptops can be used at a number of desks. Internet for laptops is provided at the enquiry and reference service on the ground floor.
Further information is available in the main library in the Information Centre on the ground floor, in the Multimedia Centre (MMZ) first floor, at the information desk of the reading room first floor and at the enquiry and reference service of the Neuenheim Branch Library on the ground floor. (Additional information on this topic is also offered on the website of the University Computing Centre). Please note that internet access on a personal laptop is only possible for members of Heidelberg University with a valid library card.
Lecturers' bibliography
see also Heidelberg University Bibliography (heiBIB)
Lending branch
By choosing the lending branch in HEIDI you decide where items you have requested will be made available. The choice also affects the result lists, as items in the chosen lending branch will be displayed first.
Lending service
Most books and journals can be borrowed (loan period) by presenting the library card (registration). Please note that the original library card must be presented. We do not accept copies or scans. A fee is charged for a user card to users who do not belong to Heidelberg University.
Books requested from the closed stacks can be picked up from the self-service shelves (accessible through the lending service, ground floor, west wing – phone: 54-2568 or 54-2586), in the Neuenheim Branch Library on the 3rd floor (phone: 54-4265).Here you will find also the entry to the textbook collection and the open stacks. As a guest, you may use library materials in the reading rooms.
Library account see Heidi
Library card see registration
Library card loss see loss of library card
Link resolver / Link solver (also: OpenURL)
For many of the databases licensed by Heidelberg University Library there is the possibility to check the availability of the electronic full text and other holdings via the link resolver „Links“ within a search result. The link resolver „Links” can also be embedded in other applications. The base URL can be used for the service.
You can also add it to your reference management system (e.g. Zotero, Mendeley, Citavi and Endnote) to enable access to licensed electronic full texts.
Literature service medicine / University Hospital
By appointment from the board of the University Hospital of Heidelberg the University Library supplies all institutions of the University Hospital with academic literature and medical subject related reference services.
Loan period
The basic loan period of borrowable literature is 20 opening days for monographs and 10 opening days for periodicals. If the loan period is overdrawn, overdue charges will have to be paid, see Fees and fines (only in German).
Loan period extension see renewal
Location plan
Locations see How to find us or see shelf mark
Please use the lockers to store jackets and bags before entering the open stacks or the reading room. Coin operated lockers can be found in the basement and on the ground floor of the main library. You can get change for the lockers at the change machine in the Information Centre. If coin operated lockers are not emptied at the closing time of the library, the deposit will be retained (see §9,1 - Rules and Regulations).
Alternatively, members of the University can use the electronic lockers on the ground floor Lageplan (3D) , where their multifunctional student ID or their Service Card serves as key.
The Neuenheim Branch Library offers coin operated lockers on the 3rd floor, and necessary change can be obtained from the lending service.
More information on long term lockers can be found here.
The use of public work stations with internet access in Information Centres and the reading rooms of the University Library is only possible with a personal login with your HEIDI-account number and password.
Work stations that only offer access to the catalogues of the University Library are not affected by this regulation.
The use of the work stations in the Multimedia Centre (MMZ) of the main library is restricted to students and staff of Heidelberg University.
Long-term lockers
In cases of intensive use the main library in the old town offers long-term lockers in the reading room for students of Heidelberg University as well as the Neuenheim Branch Library. If you are interested in a long-term locker in the main library, please contact our staff in room 114 (1st floor, west wing, phone: 54-3532). In the Neuenheim Branch Library the long term lockers are administrated by the Information Centre (IZN) (phone: 54-4272).
On signing the contract a deposit of € 25 is required. Use of a long-term locker is not guaranteed. Due to high demand the use of a long-term locker is limited to a maximum period of 6 months; a singular renewal of the contract is possible if there are no other applications for a long-term locker by other users.
Application form and terms of use can be found here (only in German).
Lorsch see Bibliotheca Laureshamensis – digital
Loss of library card
In case of the loss of your library card / student-ID the University Library needs to be informed immediately in order to lock the library account. Card holders are liable for damages caused by the misuse of their library card.
To lock your account please call the lending service of the main library (phone: 54-2586) or the Neuenheim Branch Library (54-4265). Outside the opening hours of the lending service call the reading room in the main library (phone: 54-2385) or the information centre in the Neuenheim Branch Library (phone: 54-4272) before 10 p.m.
Locking the library account has no effect on the payment function of the student ID. This can only be achieved by getting a new student ID from the Studierendensekretariat.
Blue library cards can be re-issued for a fee of €5.00 during the opening hours of the lending service
Loss of library holdings
If library holdings are lost or damaged, compensation has to be paid according to the rules and regulations (only in German).
Underlining and other forms of marking count as damage. Please notify the staff immediately about pre-existing markings so you will not be held responsible.
Lost property office
The lost property office of the main library - phone: 54-3532, Brief E-Mail – is situated in room 114 (1st floor, west wing). It usually opens Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 12.00
The lost property office of the Neuenheim branch library (phone: 54-4272) is situated on the ground floor with the Information Centre (IZN). It usually opens Monday to Thursday from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm and on Fridays from 8.30 to 15.30
LSF (Teaching, Studies, Research)
Information system of Heidelberg University – courses, exams, certificates, online-applications, re-registration, …
TAN-list generation for the use of online services in LSF
Online-Service of the University Administration
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