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Call number see shelfmark
With the CampusCard you can make cashless payments at the copy stations and in the lending departments. For students of Heidelberg University the payment function of the CampusCard is integrated in the multifunctional student ID. You can get information on usage and distribution of the cards from the University Administration, Seminarstraße 2. University staff and external users can get a CampusCard at the ServiceCenter of the Studierendenwerk
Lockable carrels are offered in the reading room of the main library. The carrels can be reserved for up to two months by students of Heidelberg University and other members of Heidelberg University for working on thesis papers (e.g. Bachelor, Master thesis, dissertation). The application form (only in German) can be handed-in at the information desk in the reading room. Special terms of use (only in German) apply for the carrels in addition to the general rules and regulations.
In University Library all holdings are listed centrally. Literature since 1962 is in the online catalogue HEIDI, older literature in the digitised alphabetic card catalogue (DigiKat). The subject indexing is done with “subject headings” (Schlagwort) or with “notations” (Notation). Dissertations and pamphlets until 1935 can be found in a card catalogue. Location: Enquiry and reference service of the main library on the ground floor.
Catalogue errors
if you find an incorrect catalogue entry please send an e-mail to Brief Informationszentrum Altstadt der UB Heidelberg (Information Centre of the main library).
All CD-ROM holdings and their loan status can be found on HEIDI. To search for CD-ROMs please select the search field ‘Type of Media’ and enter ‘CD-ROM’ (or chose other standardised entries from the index). Major databases on CD-ROM are usually available campus-wide through the WWW. Multimedia-CD-ROMs can be used on the computers in the Multimedia Centre (MMZ), the reference and enquiry services in the Main Library and Neuenheim Branch Library.
Certification of discharge see exmatriculation
Change of address
Please inform the loan services immediately, if your address has changed. Students of Heidelberg University update their address on LSF.
In the reading room in the Main Library you can find a money change automat Lageplan (3D) . The automat takes 5, 10 and 20 EUR notes and exchanges them for 1 and 2 EUR coins.
Citation rules
Citation rules are guidelines by which literature and other resources have to be described. These citation rules are maintained by scientific societies, i.e. APA, standardisation institutions, i.e. DIN, ISO or journal publishing houses. In literature reference systems different citation rules are available for the display in the document.
(reference management software). Further information see also reference management software.
Classical Archaeology
(Resources by subject, DFG-Specialised Information Service)
Cloak-room see lockers
Closed stacks holding
These holdings are in rooms not accessible to users. You can request them through HEIDI. If the request is placed Monday to Friday before 12 pm the book is usually available on the same day after 2:30 pm on the self-service shelves in the lending service. Items requested after 12 pm are normally available on the next opening day. If a request is placed on a Friday after 12 pm the book is available at 10:30 am on Monday at the earliest. The requested items are reserved for you on the self-service shelves for five opening days. If you have found an item (published before 1985) in our DigiKat, please enter the shelf-mark (Signatur), that you will find on the right upper corner of the catalogue card in the form below and submit the request. If the shelf mark is not registered in HEIDI, it is possible to request the book through this form (only in German). Please note that these requests take 2-3 opening days to be made available to you.
Codex Manesse
The ‚Codex Manesse‘ (Great Heidelberg Book of Songs, Cod. Pal. Germ. 848) originates in Zurich between the years 1300 and 1340 and is one of the most extensive collections of Middle High German ballads and epigrammatic poetry. On the 426 parchment leaves (= 852 pages) are almost 6.000 strophes by 140 poets. 137 singers are depicted in a full-page miniature. In 1622, before the conquest of Heidelberg by the troops of the Catholic League under Tilly, the Codex was taken to safety and between 1657-1888 was part of the holdings of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France. (See also Bibliotheca Palatina.) This most famous German manuscript came back to Heidelberg in 1888 thanks to the mediation of the Strasbourg bookseller Karl Ignaz Trübner. Due to preservation reasons the original of the Codex can only be viewed very rarely in exhibitions. The facsimile from 1975-78 (Frankfurt: Insel) is displayed in a show case on the first floor of the main library. The original facsimile from 1925-29, produced in 320 copies (Leipzig: Insel) can be viewed during the opening hours in the Special collections’ reading room.
Coffee machine
Vending machines for cold and hot beverages and small snacks can be found in the basement of the main library. Please do not take drinks to the reading room – except water – and bring back empty bottles to the vending machine, and empty coffee cups to the bins.
Coins for copy machines can be changed in the lending service in the Main Library, ground floor, west wing and in the Neuenheim Branch Library, 3rd floor. To change 5,-, 10,- and 20,- Euro notes into 1 and 2 Euro coins a money change automat is available in the Information Centre of the Main Library, ground floor.
Colour printing
Is possible via a printer in the reading room of the main library (LSA) or of the Neuenheim branch library (LSN). Please use your CampusCard. 1 DIN-A4 page costs 25 cent, 1 DIN-A3 page costs 50 cent.
Comments and suggestions
are welcome anytime. Forms can be found in the reader service departments.
Competence Centre for Research Data
Computing Centre (URZ) information service in the University Library
Staff of the Computing Centre will help you in the Information Centre of the Main Library
  • April, October:
    Mon, Tue, Thu: 8:30-12:00 a.m. und 1:00-4:00 p.m.
  • Other months:
    Tue, Thu: 9:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.
The service offers support concerning the first registration, password change or applications for user IDs from the URZ. Additionally, special assistance for problems with VPN, Wireless LAN, ISDN, eduroam etc. is offered. You can contact the URZ service by phone: 54-117.
Service and opening hours of the URZ (only in German).
Copy machines
Copy machines (black/white and colour) are situated in the main library in the open stacks (coins only) in the reading room (CampusCard or coins) and in the Information Centre on the ground floor (coins only). In the Neuenheim Branch Library you can find the copy machines in the enquiry and reference service, in the reading room and in the study book collection. Please use your CampusCard or coins to make copies. The costs for black and white copies paid by CampusCard are 4 cents per DIN-A-4 page and 8 cents per DIN-A-3 page. Cost for copies paid in cash is 5 cents per DIN-A-4 page. Colour copies (only payable by CampusCard) cost 25 cents per DIN-A-4 page and 50 cents per DIN-A-3 page.
Copy office see Reproduction of library material
Course timetables
of the actual and former terms (archive is going back until winter term 2001/02) are available on the homepage of Heidelberg University. Printed volumes (since winter term 1784/85 ff.) are available at the information desk of the reading room in the main library. Online available are the course timetables winter term 1784/85 - summer term 1930 (in German).
See also Register of Heidelberg University 1386-1920 digital
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