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SISYPHOS: Metadata

Data element Definition Dublin Core Authorities
title A name given to the resource Title  
title alternative Any form of the title used as a substitute or alternative to the formal title of the resource. Title.Alternative  
identifier An unambiguous reference to the resource within a given context. Identifier URL, URN
creator A person or organisation primarily responsible for making the content of the resource Creator PND
contributor A person or organisation responsible for making contributions to the content of the resource. Contributor PND
publisher A person, organisation or service responsible for making the resource available. Publisher PND
distributor Organisation that supplies technical access to a resource. Description PND
language The language of the intellectual content of the resource. Language ISO 639-2
abstract A summary of the content of the resource. Description.Abstract  
review If available, a comment or review on the resource (of external origin). Description.Abstract  
subject classification of the content with common terms of Ancient Near Eastern Studies, Classical Archaeology and Egyptology. Subject Controlled Terms; DAI-Thes, AEB, RIA, OEANE, TUAT, NEAEHL, EncIr
region Spatial location (a place name or geographic coordinates) of the intellectual content of the resource. Coverage.Spatial Controlled Terms; DAI-Thes., AEB, OEANE, NEAEHL, EncIr
time period
(Ancient Near Eastern Studies and Egyptology)
Temporal characteristics (a period label, date, or date range) of the intellectual content of the resource. Coverage.Temporal Controlled Terms; AEB, RIA, OEANE, TUAT, NEAEHL, EncIr
sourcetype The nature or genre of the content of the resource. Type  
descriptor The topic of the resource, taken from the controlled vocabulary of the SWD. Subject SWD
keyword Keywords from the title or description information, or from within a text resource (English vocabulary). Subject AAT
DDC Classified with Dewey Decimal Classification DDC DDC

table of contents

A list of subunits of the content of the resource. Description.
frequency The frequency with which items are published.    
ISBN / ISSN Reference to the resource by ISBN or ISSN.   ISBN, ISSN
date created Date of creation of the resource. Date.Created ISO 8601
date submitted Date of submission of the resource (e.g. thesis, articles, etc.). Date.Submitted ISO 8601
date accepted Date of acceptance of the resource (e.g. of thesis by university department, of article by journal, etc.). Date.Accepted ISO 8601
date issued Date of formal issuance (e.g., publication) of the resource. Date.Issued ISO 8601
modified Date on which the resource was changed. Date.Modified  
date valid Date (often a range) of validity of a resource. Date.Valid ISO 8601
date available Date (often a range) that the resource will become or did become available. Date.Available ISO 8601
type DCT1 Dublin Core term used as value for the resource type to identify the genre of a resource (e.g. text, dataset, event) Type.DCMIType DCT1
extent The size or duration of the resource. Format.Extent  
format The physical or digital manifestation of the resource Format.Medium MIME
translated identifier Translation of the resource under another reference. Identifier URL, URN
archive identifier Permanent reference to the resource. Identifier URL, URN
invalid identifier Invalid URL, automatic redirection is possible. Identifier URL, URN
is part of The described resource is a physical or logical part of the referenced resource. Relation.IsPartOf  
has part The described resource includes the referenced resource either physically or logically. Relation.HasPart  
is format of The described resource is the same intellectual content of the referenced resource, but presented in another format. Relation.IsFormatOf  
is version of The described resource is a version, edition, or adaptation of the referenced resource. Changes in version imply substantive changes in content rather than differences in format. Relation.IsVersionOf  
Copyright Date of a statement of copyright. Rights.Copyright  
access Information about who can access the resource or an indication of its security status. Rights.AccessRights  

Explanation of abbreviations

AEB<& /nav1/img, name => "extern" &>Annual Egyptological Bibliography
RIA<& /nav1/img, name => "extern" &>Reallexikon der Assyriologie und Vorderasiatischen Archäologie
OEANEOxford Encyclopedia of Archaeology in the Near East
TUAT<& /nav1/img, name => "extern" &>Texte aus der Umwelt des Alten Testaments
NEAEHLNew Encyclopedia of Archaeological Excavations in the Holy Land
EncIr<& /nav1/img, name => "extern" &>Encyclopaedia Iranica
DAI-Thesaurus<& /nav1/img, name => "extern" &>Thesaurus des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts (DAI)
GKDGemeinsame Körperschaftsdatei
DCT1DublinCore DCMI Type Vocabulary
DDCDewey Dezimalklassifikation (Dt. Übersetzung der 22. Ausg.)
MIME<& /nav1/img, name => "extern" &>Internet Media Types
ISBN<& /nav1/img, name => "extern" &>Internationale Standardbuchnummer
ISO 8601<& /nav1/img, name => "extern" &>Date and Time Formats
ISO 639-2<& /nav1/img, name => "extern" &>Codes for the Representation of Names of Languages
URL, URNUniform Resource Locator, Uniform Resource Name
(UB Heidelberg, 20 Oct 2009)
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