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Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

Reproduction of library material

What kind of material will be reproduced?

We provide paper copies and digital reproductions from volumes of our protected collections and from those books supplied by Interlibrary Loan which have to be used within our reading rooms if the material in question is in a condition too poor to be reproduced within our Reading Rooms (Lesesaal Altstadt or Lesesaal Neuenheim) or our Multimedia Centre (MMZ) by the reader himself/herself.


Material which is subject to copyright may be reproduced not at all or only in parts. This applies in particular to microfiche the rights on which are held by publishers.


Our range of products:

  • Paper copies (up to max. 50 copies, format of original: max. DIN A 4)
  • Duplications of our own microfilms
  • Digital reproductions

Prices for copies

  • Fees are based on library's fee regulations.
  • An invoice will be issued against a minimum fee of 5.00 EUR. Dispatch is not included.
Format / Resolution
Low resolution images
(material published from 1501 onwards)
150 dpi / JPG
0,75 € / page
High resolution images
(printed material, published from 1501 onwards)
300 dpi / TIF
12,00 € / page
High resolution images
(printed material, published until 1500
manuscript material / facsimile)
300 dpi / TIF
30 € / page
Special scan Codex Manesse
450 dpi / TIF
40 € / page
Paper copies (format of original max. A4)
Readerprinter print-out (black and white)
A 4
0,10 € / copy
Paper copies (format of original max. A4)
Readerprinter print-out (black and white)
A 3
0,20 € / copy
Microfilm duplicate
35 mm Microfilm
50 € per film

Non-standard orders

Exceptionally difficult or complex orders and assignments will be charged with 46.00 € per working hour, not including costs for additional material when required.

Dispatch / express orders

  • Digital images are made available for download or you may choose a CD-ROM, respectively.
  • Postage will incur for shipping of paper copies, microfilms, CD-ROM.
Download option or CD-ROM
all digital images
2,50 € per CD-ROM or per download
Express orders
  • within three working days upon placement of order:
  • within one working day upon placement of order:
Surcharge of
  • 50% of order value
  • 100% of order value

How to order copies or images

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